UNLIKE "...so help me God", which closes all normal oaths of allegiance, these words above sealed the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, oath of allegiance, as administered to all members, from the leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to the least member. Different questions, poignant as they would be, shall continue to pry the minds of many people, high and low, who may not have come across this or even seen the oath in it's entirety. And such questions that will arise from people's thoughts include; why this words, why not the other, the usual? Did all these men and women really swore to this? Do they really mean it?...? But one very important counter-question that comes to mind is; if they never swore to it or meant it, why this surge, and willingness to be counted among the dead ones provided that Biafra is restored? Too many 'whys'. This is the binding-adhesive force, that holds IPOB.

Anyone that has taken this oath will at the first time be shaken and the words so hard and difficult to pronounce, and that individual will confirm that the words really are weighty in their hearts, as though they are for baptism by fire. Reason being that it has a direct contact with the supreme creator of the whole universe, Almighty God, Chiukwu-Okike-Abhiama. It is a covenant with God. And as it is, God is the judge to those that will attempt to go against it or jeopardize the efforts of the others that are committed to doing what is needed to be done to restore Biafra. He knows all men's secrete thoughts and sees all plans that all the members are putting out day after day, whether they are working towards the set goal or against it. In fact, God is the supreme leader, the chief director and the final judge in this struggle. It is also worthy of note that no mercy will be granted anyone that foils this ordained plan, from Nnamdi Kanu to the lowest member as the struggle has already been graced with the bloods of so many innocent people, whose only crime is to be set free from fellow humans' bondage.

Oaths, be it for allegiance or any other purpose as worded have dangerous after effects. Worst still, when blood is involved. It takes its toll after a long time and sometimes just immediately, yet depending on the purpose for its administration. Some people in oath covenants may have forgotten that they are under such, while some would pretend to have forgotten it, yet some wouldn't take it seriously as something that will ever manifest. But the facts that can never be changed is that once any individual says the words of the oath according to its purpose, the oath itself takes charge to check the person under it knowingly or unknowingly. Sometimes ago, a certain community invited a priest to come and administer oath on their people. The purpose for the oath they said was that they want to reunite in brotherly love, and amongst them shall there be no envy, unwarranted jealousy against progressive persons, witch-hunt, poisoning or killing of people through charms. The priest did well to call to their minds the words of this oath and as well the consequences that shall meet those that violates it. Moreover, the side that is to be internalized more is that it holds in perpetuity even through generations unborn. The people unanimously agreed to go ahead hence it is a covenant that take care of life. This oath of course was administered from the holy Bible. After some two years, when a lot of people from the community have forgotten ever taken any oath, and have begun to indulge in all manners of atrocious activities tantamount to the terms of the oath, that was when deaths suddenly broke out in that community. It was as if rain was falling, as even dead bodies were day after day being brought back to the community from far and near places, where people of the community may have left to live. It was a rain of deaths!

This illustration is just one out of many devastating consequences of oath-covenants that have befallen so many communities, and even until now have continued to ravage such places under it. The worst is that as it is unending, so it has no antidotes. Now the oath taken by Indigenous People of Biafra,(IPOB). This oath was drawn by the leader of the IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and possibly some others, with whom he formed this Biafra freedom fighters, purposely for the restoration of Biafra. In other words, all the people that take the oath shall continue to remain focused and resolute until the nation BIAFRA, is restored. There is no other way but to remain guided even at the face of death. Just like Mazi Nnamdi Kanu used to say it that; "there is no other way to do it",(onweghi etu ozo e si eme  ya), it is either Biafra or Death! He also warned that the oath taking is the foremost action that intending members must perform, which ushers him or her into the noble family fully. Furthermore, that it should be taken like drinking water, meaning that in any function of the IPOB family, the oath taking takes precedence before any other thing. Most people have objected to it as being against their religion only to accept it after some explanations, while some have walked away even after the explanations. Yet some people have artfully dodged it, while some have merely muttered the words. Amongst all these sets of people, the sets that seem to have escaped the consequences are the ones that walked away and the ones that have artfully dodged it so to speak but every other sets, whether, you pronounced the words well or not, or did not even talk is immaterial, hence you were there present while it was taken, you will have fully taken part and will be under the oath's check. The words of this oath bear that one has to be truthful and honest in all understanding and that the restoration course must not be betrayed either by the leader himself or the members. This part was that which brought about the popular saying that IPOB is "whiter than white and whiter than snow". In fact, all it's words are to by obeyed equally by the leaders and the led. Which means to state categorically clear here, that the leaders would watch the led and the led likewise would watch the leaders for possible correction in case, any deviates from the right direction. This sounds like a point of conciliation for the leaders and the led, but any rebellion against one from the other is a break to the rule, while the rebel awaits the end consequences because of the person's headiness and disobedience. On the other hand, if for any reason, the led, out of sympathy or empathy decide to go with the leaders or vise versa, even when it has been sensed that there is deviation, which eventually takes the struggle away from the main goal, which is Biafra restoration, the daring consequences await both the leaders and the led, no mercy.

This struggle has come a very long way; with so many hurdles experienced! With so many ordeals passed through! With so many travails recorded! With so many languishing in prisons and cell detentions! With so many blood shared! With so many deaths occurred! With so many lives lost! With so many amputation! With so many left in sorrows, tears, agonies and pains! With so many grinding and gnashing of teeth! With so many weeping and wailing! All these because we are under oath to restore Biafra. And no one would like to leave the scene of brutality by the enemies, rather would fight to finish, if life remains after that, good, if not, the dead will be buried, and shall join the heroes and the heroines past, and we must continue. These are the gifts that IPOB members have vowed to receive whether good or evil. And all members must remain committed, the led following the leaders but not sheepishly. Asking relevant questions, where the need arises in other not to be led astray. If the leaders compromise, they have their selves, families and generations to suffer the consequences; if the led compromise, they shall meet the same.

Biafra restoration is the utmost drive of all IPOB members, and this serves and a reminder, a re-pointer to that course. Also, to bring to members' notice that the time is dangerous and a trying one at that, when confusion is looming everywhere. If you do not know or understand what is happening, just ask a question because your life and those of your loved ones are on check by the oath. Remember it's either Biafra or Death! 

Long Live Biafra!!!

Vals Chuks

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