Ekwueme and Kanu
By Xylem Chukwubatista
for Biafra Choice Writers

So far so good, notwithstanding whatever the enemies are saying and writing, Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Director of Radio Biafra/Biafra Television, is on top the situation he finds himself at the moment.
The Commander of Biafran Armed Forces is right now on tour trying to set the pace straight for the coming of the sovereign state of Biafra since he got out of Nigeria’s Kuje prison in Abuja on April 28 this year. This was a major reason he accepted to fulfill the in-human bail conditions given to him by Justice Binta Nyako of the Abuja federal high court.
Recall that justice Nyako, in her ruling on Kanu's case April 25, ordered Nnamdi Kanu not to grant any press interview, or be seen in a gathering exceeding more than 10 persons, and that Kanu should not attend any Biafra/IPOB public functions which include rallies and protest, or the court will reverse his bail grant and order for his (Kanu) re-arrest.
Even though Kanu’s lawyers are working hard to reverse the illegal and unconstitutional conditions, it goes a long way to point out what pressures Nigerian officials are under at the moment. They know Biafra restoration is now a matter of months, but they do not want their docile and gullible citizens to know, and so they are using the bail conditions to buy time.
Right now, reports reaching Biafra Choice Writers is that there are lots of tensions in Nigerian government circles as Kanu’s tours and visits appear to be letting the cat out of the bag. Kanu has visited former Biafran-born high officials of Nigeria and current politicians to show gratitude for their roles in securing his freedom. He was also intimating them on his next move to secure Biafra independence.
Part of the conditions given for his release was that he should not speak to the press, because Nigerian rulers know that once Kanu starts speaking to the press, Nigeria will instantly become history. Nevertheless, that restriction will soon be lifted and Kanu will start speaking to the media, and it will no longer be funny for Nigeria. Mark these words.

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