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ENUGU–The Indigenous People Of Biafra Enugwu State Biafra land has embarked on massive mobilization in all nooks and crannies of Enugwu to make sure more Family Zones and Units is establish every where in the whole of Enugwu state.

Part of the strategies laid down by the state executives and the fellow members of the principal officers in Enugwu is to start creation of more units in every Kekenapep parks all round Enugwu state and to make sure that through them the movement of tricycles in Enugwu is restricted. And action have now commence in achieving the aim in respect to the principle of IPOB under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu.

On Wednesday 10th of May 2017, The members of the state executives and some loyal members and patron of the struggle in Enugwu state IPOB went to some various Kekenapep parks to preach the gospel and create more zones and units. The media were also not excluded out of the move towards these great evangelism.

The Polo Kekenapep park opposite shop-rite center Okpara avenue Enugwu was mobilized today, the Olympic layout one day area Enugwu was also mobilized and many other places.

Coordinator were also appointed for the newly created zones and units. They were also inaugurated at the same day, and the newly appointed principal officers of various zones also declared total support for the preparation for the SIT-AT-HOME 30th Of May 2017 here in Enugwu in regards to the transport associations.

Notwithstanding some very serious work is on going on to make sure that Enugwu is shot down on 30th of May 2017 Biafran heroes remembrance day. The IPOB Enugwu state executives is also urging every Biafrans in Enugwu and all over Biafra land to obey the Sit At Home memorial day. We also urge all the marketers, transporters, organization and many others to also show great concern to these clarion call to honour our Biafra fallen heroes on 30th May 2017.

- Enugu Media Team
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