The news currently saturating the airwaves everywhere is that Buhari is nowhere to be found. He is neither in London nor in Nigeria.

Arise News247 reported on Facebook that there was no evidence of Buhari's arrival in London since Sunday 7th May 2017, the day he was reported to have departed for London off camera.
Arise News247 claimed that they contacted Nigeria High Commission in London but the person they linked up with declined comment on Buhari's whereabouts and evidence of his arrival.
News247 also added, that there has not been any evidence of Buhari's arriving at Heathrow Airport, London, and he is not in Nigeria. This situation leaves so much to be worried about.

In Aba, some members of the public were interviewed on the issue.
One gentleman who gave his name as Nwagboso expressed fear and concern over the situation.
He said he suspected the presidential jet taking Buhari to London might have been hijacked. But since the presidency has not reported the presidential jet hijacked, he asked if there is another London apart from the capital city of England.
A pedestrian who was interviewed on the same matter accused Nigerian government of insincerity with the issue of Buhari's true position. He said equivocally that Buhari had died long ago, but the Nigerian government is playing politics with that.
The situation is very pathetic!

Another respondent, Mr. Timothy claimed that on the day of Buhari's departure, he saw photo of Buhari leaving Aso rock in white garment but when pictured entering the plane, he was dressed in black garment. With this, he came to the conclusion that Buhari's pictures were photoshopped.
By: Goodluck C. Ekeagba(Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe

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  1. Who is taking any interest on this murderer Buhari? I hope he will burn off in hell!
    BIAFRA is rising up!!