Onyema Uche (culled from his wall)

So Obasanjo is asking us to come and share national cake? Wonders shall never end. But wait o, where is he getting the cake from? Is he not a criminal who stole our bread and butter and then invites us to come and share as if he is being benevolent?
Doesn't Obasanjo know that we lost interest completely in 1998 when he stole our share of the cake and became president? In case he doesn't know, we have lost appetite for the cake. Our staple food is yam and fufu. We no longer need cake, fake cake, our stolen cake now abused. It won't soothe our thirst nor satisfy our hunger.
How about dialogue? Did he say somebody should dialogue with Biafra agitators? Did I hear him right? Well sir, since you mentioned it, may I remind you that our dialogue ended long time in Aburi, Ghana, 1967. That was were we dialogue. Agreements were reached. If you want a dialogue then go and implement Aburi because on that Aburi we still stand.
One more thing on this. Sir please dialogue will waste too much time and resources. Besides I think we have passed that stage. Tell your cliques to start the process of referendum. That's the stage we are today. Referendum, self determination and complete independence or nothing.
"The agitators of Biafra don't know what it entails. Even most of the agitators were not born during the war". Aww, sir you missyawn here o. Is it not a shame that our generation grew up to meet the injustice that caused the war? As three term president you did nothing to fix the problem. You insisted as a military head of states, you destroyed federalism by allowing a unitary constitution. Again as two term executive president you saw the institutional injustice in the constitution, you did nothing to change it. You saw the injustice of quota system, federal character and you did nothing to fix it. You turned the other way instead of giving southeast region its sixth state. In every way you supported the injustices against Ndigbo and benefitted from it. Now you want dialogue, maka why?
General Sir, may I remind you that your hypocrisy of today was exposed in that your Oputa panel. Why did you abandon it? Why didn't you implement its recommendations? You see your call for dialogue is hypocritical, dishonest and insulting to our integrity.
I tell you sir, it is too late to feed us with mere cake. It is too late to try to stop us from going. May I remind you to stop talking about war. We've fought the war, you claimed to have won but we are fighting for victory and we will be victorious without shooting a gun.
Thanks but no thanks.
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