Nnewi Biafrans taking instructions before proceeding on May 30 sensitization

By Xylem Chukwubatista
for Biafra Choice Writers

There is currently great fear amongst Fulani political elites in the dying contraption called Nigeria. Their fear stems from heightening campaign for a sit-at-home on Wednesday, May 30, by Biafrans as they prepare to observe their fallen Heroes Remembrance Day (HRD).
The seat-at-home is part of the greater plan to exit (BiafrExit) the accursed contraption (the zoo), through a referendum. Biafrans are using it to test-run their new strategy for Biafrexit. They (the Fulani people) would rather want Biafrans to agree to restructuring of the country, or to exit through violence or all-out war.
At this very moment, they are using everything within their reach to agitate for restructuring, instead of referendum. For Biafrans to exit the country, the Fulanis would rather have it through a war so that that they would use the opportunity to shed Biafran blood. They know that once a referendum is organized that Biafrans would be gone for good, without a drop of blood.
One interesting thing is that the strategy, which the British had taught them in the past, is what they are still using in this day and age. They are using some low-in-esteem Biafrans (many of them fathered by Hausa or Fulani Northerners) under the guise of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, to do this. Among those they are using are some politicians, governors and ex-governors in the Biafraland to call for restructuring of Nigeria.
In spite of these, Biafrans appear wiser. They still want to leave the accursed country, they understand the games the Fulani is playing, and they are focused on using the strategies they already used to move the Biafran struggle to its current status.
The major strategy is “world enlightenment and civil disobedience”, of which they have resolved to deploy strongly against all Nigeria’s elections. For world enlightenment, they will deploy their now well perfected demonstrations strategies worldwide; as well as their twitter campaign. In the homeland, they will be boycotting all Nigerian elections in Biafraland.
That strategy will be test-run in the coming days, which is May 30, during Biafra Heroes Remembrance Day (BHRD). Already, permits have been obtained in more than 50 countries of the world for the matches and protests. But in Biafraland, there will be a complete shutdown of all activities.
Lessons learnt from this will be used to boycott the fake Anambra elections the Nigeria will be organizing later in the year; and other such fake elections the accursed country will be organizing subsequently.
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