Gowon: genocidist and mass murderer
By Xlem Chukwubatista
For Biafra Choice Writers

At this point, it becomes important to avail our readers of some Nigerian political history and development before and after her supposed independence in 1960:
1802: Usman Danfodio launched the Fulani jihad. But the question is what hid the people gain since the launched of that Fulani jihad? The people gained nothing by a colossal waste of human lives and properties, as well as the foisting of corrupt and incompetent rulers on the country’s politics.
In 1842: Formal education started in Nigeria and also Christian religion. And I believe we all know today that both formal education and Christianity in Nigeria is nothing to write home about?
In 1900: The British Government took over the administration of North and South of Nigeria (without consultations with anyone) and called it Protectorate of Northern and Southern Nigeria; and in 1912: Lord Lugard the founder/creator of Nigeria became the Governor of the whole of Nigeria.
In 1926: Daily Times newspaper was established. The publication turned out through history to be a promoter of the hatred of Biafrans by others in the accursed contraption, even as it was unable to report the daily evil act the British/Fulani against Biafrans.
In 1929: 3 years after Daily Times newspaper was established, Aba Women Revolt took place. It was reaction to oppression by the British officials against their husbands.
In 1945: The introduction of pound sterling as Nigeria currency took place.
In 1955 Obafemi Awolowo introduced Free Education in the then Western Region of Nigeria, which was after he joined Britain and the Fulani in the evil enterprise of stealing Biafrans’ resources, and which they did together for years, beyond 1970, after the Biafra/Nigeria war.
In 1958: the so-called Nigeria National flag was designed by Taiwo Akinkumi (a Nigerian student in London) as he foolishly claimed “Green represents Agricalture”, when everybody knew his people, the Yorubas, knew and did nothing than farm cola-nuts and back-stab others. He equally claimed that “White” represented “Peace and Unity”, a lie that only an agent of hell would tell. Ever since Britain forced the peoples together, the enclave and the people inhabiting it had never known peace. It had been killing and shedding of innocent blood from one political upheaval from the other as crafted by the British and Fulani.
Some history and political development in zoo called Nigeria, after its so-called independence – flag independence.
October 1, 1960: Nigeria allegedly became an independence state. Aljaji Tafawa Balewa was manipulated to become the Prime Minister, while Nnamdi Azikiwe was deceived with the meaningless and inconsequential position of President (ceremonial head).
May 28, 1973: National Youth Corps (NYSC) was introduced under Decree 24 of that year. It was deceptively explained as a tool meant to help the youths learn other people's culture and tradition as they serve in other parts of the country. But it was actually designed by the Northerners to brainwash the gifted Biafran Children (future generation), and give a false sense of oneness with other Nigerians. It was also instituted for their gifts and competences to be used in developing Northern and Western Nigerians. In addition, it was used to hide from them, the actual invent that took place from 1914, to 1967/70, up to the time in question.
May 28, 1975: The Economic Community of West African State (ECOWAS) was set up in Lagos, Nigeria. And the question is what impact has it made in Nigeria since its establishment. Nothing, except that it has been used by dictators across the territory to sustain themselves in government. It has also been a tool for the abuse of justice, denial of truth for the ordinary person, and shying away (like fools) in the face of corruption and impunity.
September 1976: Universal Free Primary Education (UFPE) and Operation Feed the Nation, was launched by the dictator Olusegun Obasanjo. By the time the cost of what Obasanjo did was calculated, it became obvious that he had used all to enrich himself and steal the country’s resources.
In October 1, 1979: The military rule ended and the so-called 2nd Republic of Democracy set in. But the question is Nigeria not still in military regime?
April 4, 1988: Nigerian Police uniform was changed to complete black and black and that was the introduction of how to set up road blocks by Nigerian police was introduced into the police college.
June 12, 1994: on this date, the fraud known as M.K.O Abiola declared himself president of Nigeria, but was later arrested and detained on 23rd June 1994.
In all these developments, it had long become apparent to Biafrans that Nigeria only exists for its detriment, which is why they have always wanted leave Nigeria
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