Mazi Nnamdi Kanu a.k.a Ohamadike 1 of Biafra with Hardcore Biafrans in his Palace 

Corruption has been aptly described as the abuse of public fund for personal gain. It is an abuse of power for personal benefits. According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary, “corruption is an inducement to wrong by improper or unlawful means (such as bribery)”

Nigeria as a nation is abundantly corrupt. In fact, corruption has eaten so deep into its fabrics that the zoo is now recognized all over the world as the African most corrupt nation. For instance, in May 2016, The Former British Prime minister, David Cameron in a BBC conversation with the Queen of England had described Nigeria as “Fantastically Corrupt.”  According to him and I quote, “We have got some leaders of some fantastically corrupt countries coming to Britain…Nigeria and Afghanistan, possibly the two most corrupt countries in the world.”This assertion made By David Cameron concerning the horrible state of Nigeria; specifically diverting his attention on “Leaders” is a thing to be considered seriously. Nigeria is the way it is today because of its bad leaders who are deeply involved in corrupt practices, like money laundering, bribery, stealing, rigging of elections, just name it. A nation that its parliamentarians are nothing but fraudsters, rogues, misfits and so on, really has no hope of redemption.

When leaders failed to lead by examples, what do you expect from the led or followers? Of course, they will always act or behave like their masters and they will always do the illegal work their evil masters have sent them to do.  Following the irrational and malicious action taken by FRSC in the early hours of 25th of April, 2017 who had clamped down on IPOB Members who were on their way to Abuja Federal High Court to be in solidarity with their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who was unlawfully detained at the time, alongside three other Biafrans held with him, it is germane to note here that the “zoo” is not only “fantastically corrupt but completely messed up!

In a report given by Nwa ada Ugochinyere Onyechere of Umuchiukwu writers, it states that Charles Uzoezie who is fondly referred to as “Iyierioba” by friends and relatives or anybody close to him, and who was on his way to Federal High court Abuja with other Biafrans, (whose identities were not ascertained as at the time of the report), to be in solidarity with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, was arrested by the Federal Road Safety Commission mounted at Lokoja. According to the news report, their vehicle was ransacked, and a Biafran flag was found, this alone warranted the arrest of these innocent Biafrans and detained for a while.

Arresting Charles Uzoezie (Iyierioba) and other Biafrans by FRSC is what I have, up till now found very difficult to understand. Since when has it become the work of “FRSC” to arrest and detain people? This action alone shows that Nigeria is indeed a zoo as once declared by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. According to him in one of his live broadcasts on air before he was unlawfully incarcerated, and I quote “Nigerian is a zoo because its citizens lack the ability to reason properly like normal human beings…that is why they accepted a name given to them by a White man… Nigeria is the home of rogues, of Baboons and monkeys.”

One can agree with me on this, that the zoo called Nigeria is first among other corrupt nations in Africa who are deeply involved in corruption and other evil practices. The country has gone terribly bad because of the fact that only the misfits, morons and lunatics dominated its parliament and are the ones piloting and controlling its affairs. Can a blind actually lead a blind? It is Impossible! Because the country’s leadership is in its entirety a disaster, this explains why its citizens constantly violate and disobey the law and go free without being punished for the crime committed. As a result, the nation whose foundation was laid in evil right from its creation in 1914 by a white man called Fredrick Lugard, has now fallen into a sinking mode and is irredeemable. The zoo is finished!

Tufiakwa! It is unheard of that the zoo FRSC (Federal Road Safety Commission) is now seen doing the work of the police by searching cars, arresting and detaining people illegally over some flag they discovered in their bus. The Zoo police have always been known for this form of the act. Accusing people unjustly is their specialty, but now FRSC? What in the world! Only in this hell hole called Nigeria can such things be happening. The zoo is messed up!

Initially I had   thought that every government agency in the zoo has their area of jurisdiction or operation that they should always focus on, but having witnessed the case of the Nigerian Army doing the work of the police; the navy, on the other hand, has abandoned the sea to be on the land, to do the work of the Road Safety; and the police, being more confused than ever have also abandoned their duty posts which are now being occupied by other Nigerian forces, and have chosen to be on the streets, collecting bribes from commuters and anybody they feel they can extort from, my initial thought about the zoo forces has now been quashed and am now left with the knowledge that Nigeria is now in a very  terrible state. Having to do with the fact that everything is constantly mismanaged, this has caused the zoo nation to be in a state of disarray! Give me the zoo now for free, I won’t accept!

But the question one should be asking here is, “what was the crime of those people arrested?” Is it that they committed a heinous crime against humanity by traveling to the zoo court to be in solidarity with their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who was at the time illegally detained (from October 14th, 2015 up until the day he was granted bail with stringent conditions attached). What crime I ask again, did they commit as to warrant their immediate arrest, not even by the police but “Road safety? What a mess!” Call me a Nigerian and I will give you a sharp blow in the face!

If only they realized the enormity of their action, if only the so-called zoo leaders knew that this irrational action taken by FRSC to unlawfully arrest and detained Biafrans on that faithful day had brought nothing but “disgrace” on the “zoo” prestige (if at all there was still any left), they would have done something to correct this very misconduct so as not to repeat itself. But of course, they would not because the order really came from them (leaders). Jeez! How we even got involved in all these messes is what I sometimes pause to ponder. The world should know that it is because of this ill treatment being meted upon our people (Biafrans) that we have resorted to seeking for our freedom because we always believe that only Biafra restoration can we be delivered from this horrible condition we found ourselves in.

In conclusion, I now call upon the United Nations and other human right groups around the world to critically look into this issue of harassment, abuse of human rights of our people and also to without any further delay call for the unconditional release of all Biafran agitators who are currently being held in the zoo filthy prisons and also urge the zoo government to put a stop to this mad arrest of Biafra activists. And most of all, we need our absolute freedom to be separated from this corrupt nation called Nigeria where Baboons and Monkeys are the ones holding the mantle of leadership.

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