“An ossified colonial bureaucracy whose monstrous inefficiency and avarice can be seen and felt everywhere in black race especially in Nigeria has insidiously crept into the indigenous people of Biafra administration [IPOB].”

The British treacherous political and religious influence which is predominant in this most dreaded and obsolete enclave in the African continent called Nigeria has infused auto- systematic mental stream of thought among her colony. Her politicians claimed that to become a leader or secure a political office that one must belong in a radical devilish cult where legalism will aid their insatiable acumen to assassinate opponents and supporters of the people’s choice. The British ad-ministerial inefficiency and hypocrisy deceived Nigerians to accept a false claim that once you have people in political sects that you are secured in atrocity and loots.

The Hausa/ Fulani believed that they are created by Frederick lugard to rule Nigeria and legal in sucking mineral resources from Biafra territories. All these are the game rules of debased Britain. Britain tried all they could to influence even the children of god most high through Christianity. They gave us false orientation that whosoever that take what belong to us by force that we should keep calm and continue to pray for the goodwill of that fellow. My goodness! - What relation has darkness with light? The Igbos - Biafrans ignorantly continued in masochism – we continue to enjoy in pains because we are thought to claim and believe that all is well while we are shamefully andmutely dying. But my question is this “why is it that Biafra people are too servile and inconsistent?” Imagine Yorubas that are known by their servitude mentality are now commanding power and authority- confiscating the Biafra restoration with their unanimous fake and adulterous media by feeding the masses with wrong and gossip information against Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu.

My ultimate concern is not what happened those days but what is happening as long as the planet earth continues to exist. Times are different and human beings are different. Those days are gone when Biafra were ridiculed, castigated and killed. But now is the time to quench the insidious political influence of the Britain against the indigenous people of Biafra [IPOB]. Now is the right time to stop the hatred and marginalization on the children of Biafra. Every true Biafran have the obligation to fight for their right wherever you may be notwithstanding theintimidation, apprehensions, kidnappings and killings –the zoo which Flora Shaw an international and professional harlot called “Nigeria” has fallen. We Biafrans are formidable!

A colony established in palter, avarice and hypocrisy must have countless followers of its kind. The hypocrites in Igbo land who lost their human for money cannot support Biafra restoration because of greediness and insatiate. They will always plank for ways to stop the freedom of the children of god the creator but at the end god almighty will grant Biafra freedom. One thing believable is that is not everyone is expected to be pure and worthy- the obstacles we expect are those hypocrites in Biafra even in IPOB, they are the tools for expedient emergence of Biafra Republic whether they like it or not we must win at the end.

The Prime Minister of the Indigenous People of Biafra, NNAMDI KANU has conquered and contretemps the British political influence in Africa and because of this fact the British government is doing everything abortive and impossible to keep Biafra in Nigeria. Yes “abortive and impossible”.

“I must say this in a clear assertion that on a very clear surprising day Biafra will become an Impermeable World Power where peace and refuge emanates”.

- Wilson Chibuenyim
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