Behold I was brought forth in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceived me - psalm 51:5.

The fact is that every thought of man is selfish, wicked and deceitful but the ability to control its negativity and madness to the service of Chukwuokike [God the creator] and humanity creates changes in one’s life.

We do things because we feel that it profit us and our families without considering the effect and what might be the outcome of what we do. We seek for changes from others without first evaluating our-lives. This is the problem in human existence and the environs. The Both black and white persons has this same natural tendency to commit evil always but the truth is that most white has conquered its madness through quality education by following natural rules- the rules that govern the universe. And the focal ridicule is that the blacks in Africa, especially in the zoo called Nigeria are ruined by inability to handle expediency factor. They thus seek for the easiest way to become rich by ignoring the rules that govern the universe. That is why you see and heard that some people kill for politics and money.

The good news is that Nnamdi Kanu has conquered the wired susceptible pugnacious blood flow in the black race. He has defiled the statement “If Nigerian government gives him money – he will stop talking of Biafra just like Ralph Uwazurike”. Nnamdi Kanu through his selfless life, altruism and magnanimity proved that sanctity could be restored in human race especially in black race. He gave up his life and that of his family in other to save a wicked race, stiff necked children of Most High. Is this not a paradox of what YAHSHUA of Nazareth did?

Biafrans, where ever you are and whatever you think you are and whatever you thought that people thought you are or might become and whatever you thought you should be regarded as or what may… imitate the altruistic and recusant life of Nnamdi Kanu and his humility because doing what he has done is the essential prerequisite to enter the promised land – Biafra Republic.

- Brain Chibuenyim
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