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Date:          10th April 2017

This is the very corrupt Enugu IPOB and their fraudulent activities supported by former sabo DOS and Biafraland Coordinator. These criminals at Enugu in the pay of DSS to destroy IPOB from within, were printing and selling these forms at 1000 Naira each. DOS and Biafraland Coordinator knew this criminal activity was going on but did nothing stop it. Instead, they were more interested in preserving the same criminals and informants at Enugu to the detriment of IPOB family ethos.
Through this form and many other schemes like it, Enugu IPOB led many of our young people to their untimely torture and death at the hands of Nigerian soldiers at 82 Division Enugu. Over 70 IPOB Family members were executed by Hausa-Fulani army personnel because Enugu IPOB collected and sold our data to them. DoS was there but did nothing. Every dedicated, genuine IPOB Family member knows that we don't fill forms at IPOB but those who were supposed to enforce these rules turned a blind eye due to negligence.

 Today Enugu IPOB is as corrupt and evil as the Zoo. Thanks to Chukwu Okike Abiama some Enugu hardcore IPOB have vowed to deal with all those involved in this fraud and deception. Enugu IPOB is being restructured to reflect the patriotism and sacrifice expected of every IPOB unit anywhere in the world.

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi
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