Author:    Chinonso Mbah
Editor:      Iykelly Ozulumba
Retweet:   @umuchiukwu_writ
Date:          11th April 2017

The British government in recent time had made necessary arrangements to leave E.U but has continued to conspire with the Nigeria government to deny the Indigenous people Biafra their right to self-determination.

I want to draw the attention of the world that the British government never supported and will never support the idea of self-determination, especially when it has to do with the African people.  The British government who only want what are good for her own people but never cared for the betterment of the others will never stop playing Africa as a football. These people are so selfish and wicked that they can only be qualified as the agents of Lucifer who are working so hard to destroy the African nations.

It is a known fact that Britain values oil more than human life which is why they have continued to allow all these incessant killings going on in Africa and I doubt if they are not the one staging most of these wars so as to take the advantage of the horrible situation. Suffice it to say that the major reason why Britain has continually struggled to take over Africa and be in top control over the people living therein is because of the oil Africa is blessed with. I have never seen any country in Africa where British people found oil and gas that they will ever let to be in peace. In their quest to steal the oil, they may end up destroying the nation through the method of divide and rule. Such is the case of the Biafran people.

When the British people discovered oil in Biafra Land, they decided to merge us with the Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba people so that it would be easy for them to come in and comfortably take what is rightfully ours. They made the Biafran people a minority in their own lands and even turned us against our own brothers.

The oil in Biafra Land is a saving grace to Britain. This is so true because, without the oil and gas the British people discovered in Biafra land and which they have been stealing all this while, they may not have survived it this long as one of the nations in the world whose economy is still at a topping speed.

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