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I wonder how ignorant and blind some South East, South South and South West people of this so called country have become. Just recently, State Security Service (SSS) released their national recruitment list (which is my main focus in this article. 

Corruption is not only when somebody steals money, Selfishness, Lopsidedness, Disobedience Of The Law And The Lawmakers, Injustice, Persecution, And Killing Or Silent When Innocent People Are Southwesterner, All These Are Corruption. So, Buhari And Apc Government Are Corrupt.

As laughable as it appeared, it was made to an eye opener to some of our brothers and sisters who are yet to see the reality of "Baboon work Monkey Lounge" attitude of the Northern Nigeria. In comparison,  all South East states put together merited 44 slots and only a state in North East, Katsina merited 55 slots. Meanwhile, cut off score for admission into the university, Katsina gets 14, Rivers 130 Anambra 139 respectively. What a merit my people. Let me just run down the list below: 

States                Number Employed
Abia                        7
Adamawa             19
Akwa Ibom            5
Anambra                10
Bauchi                   23
Bayelsa                 7
Benue                    9
Borno                   16
Cross River          9
Delta                      8
Ebonyi                   7
Edo                        6
Ekiti                     12
Enugu                   9
FCT                       7
Gombe              14
Imo                     11
Jigawa              14
Kaduna              24
Kano                   25
Katsina               51
Kebbi                  16
Kogi                     11
Kwara                 13
Lagos                    7
Nassarawa        11
Niger                   11
Ogun                     8
Ondo                     9
Osun                   10
Oyo                     11
Plateau                9
Rivers                  7
Sokoto               15
Taraba               16
Yobe                   12
Zamfara            20

These are the kind of arrangement that emboldens northern security personnel to always threaten Eastern region at the slightest provocation, even though the bulk of the resources used for running the 'Federal Government ' does not come from their zone. As a matter of fact, it is a clear case of 'Monkey dey Work, Baboon dey lounge' only in this case the baboons are exceptionally greedy and irrational in their thinking.The question now is, for how long will we Easterners continue to put up with this glaring injustice before our hopes? shame on all Individuals who think they are bigger than Nigeria.

Even the Yorubas that voted for the ingrates, are they not suffering the same marginalization? My anger is that majority of the South westerner have a fish brain (doesn't remember past events) and will still vote for Buhari or Noth in 2019. Two hunters went for hunting, they kill an antelope and one of the hunters took everything and left only one lap of the antelope for the other hunter. That's the situation here, so pathetic. 

The other will try to rain blames on Igbos, is all Igbo's fault when ihejirika is army chief how many Igbo's did he promote. when Onovo is police boss how many Igbo's did he employ. Maybe,  if they have employed and promoted people, those people will employ others. But we forgot rule of Law were maintained compare as you are seeing it now, where Cabals dictates for the presidency. 

Is high time everyone reawakens his or her consciousness toward the restoration of Biafra. The idea of who becomes president in Nigeria or Biafra should not be our priority but to put efforts together that will pull us out from this familiar parasite (Hausa/Fulani). Oduduwa is a reality, Arewa is also reality. They are all in existence like Biafra. Postioning them according to landscape for occupation will put stop to Marginalization! 

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