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I will say in plain words, Biafra struggle is never an avenue to fight our enemies or to refresh an old injury. often times, the average person will swiftly connect Nigeria-Biafra Civil War to complement present Biafra struggle. From the standpoint of several killings, Nigerian Government has resorted in order to hamper present Biafra struggle, is quite convincing that no single retaliation was made or planned to carry out. It depicts that Biafra, as an ideology will never be hampered in any way.

Just recently, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra and Director of Radio Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu displayed maturity as a prove to let the World understand our stand on struggling for restoration of Biafra Nation.

According to the video above, it shows a radical protest secured by Nnamdi Kanu where he informed the World on the prolonged detention of Hausa men and women. 

Analyzing the video above
If truly Biafra struggle is championed to cause a tribal problem or retaliate the killings of Biafrans right from 1967 till date, it will not be a possible fight for Nigeria to withstand because Biafrans are inclined in spheres of technology (e.g Innoson). 

According to Kanu, "I will use truth to fall Nigeria" "Nigeria is a zoo". The above statements do not sound war-like, compare to when one declares literally "baboons and monkeys will be soaked with blood...". 

Out of 6,814,814,000 estimated world population, Asia came first with 4,157,300,000, Africa takes 1,030,400,000, Europe 738,600,000, North, America 461,114,000, South America 390,700,000, Australia 36,700,000, Antarctica 0. There are 54 countries in Africa with land mass of 30.37 million km² while Asia has 44 countries total land mass of 44.58 million km²

Africa as a continent has 1,030,400,000 billion (base on 2016 estimate) people. By percentage, Nigeria takes larger percentage (15.38%), Ethiopia (8.37%), Egypt (7.65%), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (6.57%), Tanzania (4.55%), South Africa (4.47%), Kenya (3.88%), Sudan (3.38%) Others share (45.75%). 

Nigeria is too robust that one man (sometimes, over aged) will be struggling to develop its total Area of 923,768 sq km, total land of 910,768 sq km and total water of 13,000 sq km into productive output. Standing mass pressure of over 182, 000 000 people. Asia which is the leading population in the world has a high level of development compare to Africa. The secret behind its round development rest on TECHNOLOGY. 

Nigeria, with secular system, can not grow because every ethnicity that assumes to power will like to benefit his/her  own region, thereby frustrating other regions. Nigeria system encourages corruption and nepotism. Dynamics in culture, different religous practices, language/dialect variation and different belief/doctrine systems does not encourage development. Therefore,  it needs division (Nigeria needs division). But it's easy that Nigeria has natural marks/boundaries for easy splitting because every separating region (Eastern region)  has its landmark to settle. 

With the pressure and level of present Biafra struggle, there is no way youths from Biafra region will settle with Nigeria any longer. instead to keep forcing unity, peace and one Nigeria which virtually does not exist, it's better letting Biafra settle (separate) peacefully without further pogrom, killings and massacring of  innocent inhabitants of the earth.

Africa needs freedom, development, and peace. Continued Indirect colonization of Western countries is virtually killing Africa and the African Union should stand up. Britain, America, and others have been detecting for African countries during their decision takings and this has to stop. In no way has Biafrans planned the further destruction of Africa and average unit of Africa (Ariwa and Oduduwa) should not push hard for it to happen. 3.5 million and more have died unjustly since the quest for Biafra restoration.  Nnamdi Kanu is not out to cause war or more diminishing of Africa but to rescue Africa from its backwardness induced by indirect colonial masters (British and America).

British has no problem exiting from the European Union,  Jamaica has no restraint moving away from America so is Biafra having a problem settling from Nigeria? We must act now in order to save African continent. 

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