REPORTER:               Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
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Abuja- Hausa man identified as Alhaji Farouk from Kogi State said to have declared his full support for Biafra restoration. He went as far to preach the Gospel for the restoration of Biafra to his people in the Mosque and even his neighborhood. The man voiced out his support toward Biafra restoration when Biafra journalist (Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka granted him an interview during Nnamdi Kanu 25th April Court sitting.
Read interview excerpts below :

"Sir, may we know you?

My name is Alhaji Farouk from Kogi State.

sir, are you a Muslim or Christian?

Am a core Muslim because I was born into a Muslim family?

Sir, may we know the reason why your putting on pin-up tagged IPOB?

The reason is that all my colleague and associates are from the Biafran region and I don't anything bad in the movement.

Sir from the look of things, do you support Biafrans to have the freedom?

I support Biafra freedom 100%.

Can you tell us the reason why you want them (Biafrans) to have their freedom?

Some of my colleagues told me that they are been marginalized by the Nigerian government, but at the end, I discovered that where they (Biafrans) are heading to is good.

If definitely you are giving opportunity to join IPOB, will you agitate with them?

Yes! Seems they are doing every of their things peacefully why not agitate with them?

Do you see Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as a man who doesn't want the association of Muslims?

No, he is a courageous man.

So what message do you have for all these Muslims and also Biafrans out there?

I have been telling them, I enter Mosque with this tag and they know my ambition so I do enlighten some of them that listen to me about the movement.

Did you say that you have taken the evangelism of Biafra to your Mosques?

Yes! I have been telling them about the IPOB.

So sir what advice do you have for other tribes who has not joined the Biafra struggle, championed by IPOB?

I will say it this way, there is no proper enlightenment to the masses and some guys in IPOB the way they represent IPOB in masses is not what's on the agenda of IPOB that's why some people thinks IPOB is a terrorist organization like that but it's not. If you look at their plans very well, you will know that their agendas are genuine.

So what's your prayer for IPOB?

I have been praying for them every day, even this morning I prayed for Biafrans in the Mosque. My prayer for them is for God to actualize it, not by fight or trouble, but let's hold on to God because they know what they are fighting for"

Thank you Sir for your support.

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