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It is very sad that Nigerians and people in Nigeria are still ready to go on being fooled by Nigeria with her unending lies and deceit. Lie is known to be distructive while truth will always set free but nigeria prefers to live by lies, in lies and with lies instead of the truth. Unfortunately Nigerians who are victims of blatant lying society appears to be contented with Nigeria's refusal to dance the music of the truth and honesty rather prefers to wallow in the shallowness of gross deception and imposture.

Unequivocally, it is so dissappointing that after the UK METRO AND CNN news on the death of MUHAMMADU  Buhari, which was confirmed by  other international media and was reconfirmed by African leaders in ADDIS ABABA and further observed a minute silence to that effect couple with the condolence message the Queen of England sent to the family of Buhari, which of course reaffirmed the death of Nigerian president , a message which still situates irrevocably in Google site, yet, Nigeria has the guts to belie a clear truth whose contents are factual.

Sadly, instead of accepting their fate honestly, and tell all Nigerians that Buhari is dead as well as thank the world for their condolences extended to her, rather Nigeria, choose to hire the services of a counterfeit signature expert who speaks five Nigerian languages fluently ,by the name , Ismalia Jamaal. Ismalia Jamaal was hired expensively to claim that he is Buhari. It was part of the contracts that Ismalia would carry out a plastic surgery that will make him look like late president Muhammadu Buhari. He was according to reliable sources paid $700 million US dollar for this job.

It would only be proper if a full DNA test of the acclaimed Buhari would be carried out should Nigeria persist on their lies.

Most regrettably, the Media which was  supposed  to be the  truth channel  of every country and are that in other countries but in the case of nigeria it is not so. Rather, the media in Nigeria are protectors of lies, deceits and imposture. They are the king singers, they say whatever the king asked them to say. They work for the purposes of obtaining favour from a set of people. Little wonder it is argued that professional journalism is lacking in Nigeria.

Chidiebere Kalu
- Abia Media Team 
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