By Tim Tochukwu

For Biafra Choice Writers

It has now become necessary to look again at Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigerian ruler, and to determine what he truly represents – not only in Nigeria, but also in the whole of Africa. Indeed, events of yesterday, March 20, 2017, at Nigerian “Federal High Court” make it an utmost necessity.
At the bank, where Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) was being judicially oppressed and persecuted in a sham trial, presiding judge, Binta Nyako (wife of corrupt former governor of Adamawa State), surprised many. The surprise came about because Nyako, supposedly a senior judge, would go back on her previous declaration in court.
She proved herself to be an unrepentant Buhari stooge by saying that would conduct the trial in secret. Not only that, she said that the Biafran ruler (a man that practices Judaism religion), would be tried according to sharia law.
From the backdrop that Buhari was the man that has released almost all Boko Haram killers in prison since he became ruler of the contraption called Nigeria, people started thinking. Boko Haram is a group of blood-thirsty killers that have killed thousands and rendered homeless thousands more. On the other hand, like ISIS, while releasing Boko Haram murderers, Buhari has been mass-murdering hundreds of innocent Christians for holding mere rallies and peaceful protests – especially innocent Biafrans.
This was the same Buhari who in 2001 declared for the world to hear that: “I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria", he then added: "God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of the Sharia in the country.”
With many other bigoted views, and latest development since Buhari became the country’s maximum ruler, a lot of people (in Nigeria and Biafra) now believe that Buhari, has indeed become a dreaded Muslim terrorist sponsor and fundamentalist. Having been declared a major sponsor of Boko Haram, a lot of people now see him as the point-man of Islamic State for Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Africa.
It is on record that sometime last year, the terror group in Nigeria, Boko Haram, told the world that it had subsumed its leadership under that of ISIS. And Buhari being a chief sponsor of the dreaded Boko Haram group, as well as the Fulani herdsmen that have been killing, raping, and maiming people in Biafraland and beyond, view people believe that Buhari is not the supreme commander of ISIS in Africa.
However, no matter who or what Buhari represents, Nnamdi Kanu must be free!
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