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The much over dramatized case against the leader of the IPOB MAZI NNAMDI KANU started to take shape on the 3rd of March under the jurisdiction of Justice Binta Nyako.  She has summed up courage to weigh into this case and only to find out that there is no substantial fact to the charges.  Just as she dismissed some of the irrelevant charges, I have no doubt that the remaining charges have no legs to stand on and thereby avoid unnecessary delays in the release of an innocent man

To Nigeria that does not know the rule of law, mere pretending to know by illiterate army commanders is a disgrace to the country.  It should be further examined how the Honourable Judges and the judiciary as a whole are held to Ransome by one man and one man only President Buhari.  The careless use of the word 'treasonable felony"  is more than the alleged offense by itself.

Radio Biafra is not unlawful or illegal broadcast station.  It is legally registered in the UK.  The BBC, and other foreign networks do broadcast into Nigeria.  The BBC itself is the primary foreign station in Nigeria that broadcasts in Hausa language services;  why?  Were they asked to cease broadcasting and were they charged for reasonable felony?  But Nnamdi Kanu made his point known by telling the truth about Nigeria which resonated all over Nigeria and the world today. Furthermore, the Arewas during the campaign for the 2015 Presidential election established Arewa radio station.  We're they charged for treasonable felony as well?  If the answer is no, then why not?  This charge need not be heard but rather dismissed.

The issue about importation of arms is so ridiculously introduced as a means to wage war against the Federal government of Nigeria.  Logically, how can individuals that have a gun registered in Nigeria be accused to trying to wage war with a dane gun?  Even if the dane guns are three, will that be enough weapon to pose threat to the government that is armed to the teeth?  The antiquity of the gun indicates that it is for personal protection against thieves in crime riddled community.

Freedom of expression is not a crime and no one is above the law in a democracy also, nobody can wantonly trample on the rights of others through intimidation and terror and expect not to be questioned about such behaviour just because they think that they are above the law.  There is a limit to human endurance and this is why you have revolutions and protests. If Nnamdi Kanu has been marginalized, mistreated through the use of military and other murderous agents also, if the same ill-treatment has been meted to his parents and entire Indigenous people slated for elimination, it falls within his right to advocate, alert and fight by speaking out against such mistreatment.  Does this qualify him to be a criminal?  If compared to the crimes committed by BUHARI, Boko Haram and the Northern cattle herdsmen who have committed a lot of killings of innocent citizens and only to be released and reintegrated into the society and the army, where is the justice?

The remaining counts #1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 are the counts in question and having illegally jailed an innocent man for 2 years after being acquitted by previous court of competent jurisdiction, why is he still in jail?  The reason is that one man is running the 180 million population of Nigeria like his household with no respect to even his own wife and women in general.  Nnamdi Kanu was accused of entering the country illegally with two Passports one Nigerian and one British because he is also a British citizen.  Since when has it become a crime to possess two Passports which were authenticated by the Customs confirming the identity of the bearer of the passports.  Where then is the said committed offense?  The list of this trumped up charges by Buhari and his DSS goes on and on without merit to support those charges.

Honourable Justice Nyako it will not cost you anything if you can fearlessly restore some of the pride of the Nigerian judicial system that has been badly damaged.  History will recon your wisdom to do your work which we believe you are on the right path.  It will be shameful if we seek justice from foreign bodies but cannot do the same by ourselves.  When will we Africans learn that we have lost respect in the eyes of the world and as such are not respected.  We hope that you will set the example by releasing an innocent young man who has been imprisoned by a sick dictator who sees things his way or no other way.  Also, his assault on the judiciary which you are a part of is another example.  After many years of tedious studies and reaching almost your goal, somebody who knows nothing about the amount of time and sacrifice it took you to get there will suddenly suppress and disrespect your lifetime achievements.  The ball is in your hand and without further delay, thrash these unfounded charges.
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