From what we have  been seeing in Nigeria and what we are seeing presently, even a deaf and dumb person in Nigeria is very much  aware of the severe hardship,that the poor masses cried and complained but to no avail, we the biafrans  protested and were killed and not even  the even the international communities came to our aid when we needed them,even though it is enshrined in the constitution of the UN (united nation's) chatter that we have the right to self delamination.

But it surprised   us that over five thousand (5000) Biafra were killed between may 29th 2015 and 1st march 2017 in this regime of President Muhammad Buhari, with the of support of the British government, Though some of their citizens understand our plight but that is not enough,the reason been that they concocted this British zoo in Africa call Nigeria were some animals are more equal than others. this is to tell you that the coming of BIAFRA IS DIVINE.

From the first of march (1st/3/2017) court update you will agree with me that our freedom is divine and now is the time, after all charges leveled against us by the unlawfully created DSS and this expired country called Nigeria. Now they can't find any evidence against us,therefore we are lawful citizens of BIAFRA THE LAND OF THE RISEIN SUN.

    -Annette David-Ndu.
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