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•   Date: 8th March 2017

Justice Kahrata of Federal High Court Abuja has today, slashed out charges against three defendants; Mazi Onwudiwe Chidiebere, Mazi Madubuguw Benjamin, and Mazi Nwawuisi David. During his rulings toady,  being 8th March 2017, at Federal High Court Abuja, applicable to their bail, he stated that there is no merit in the charges pressed against them.

As reported earlier, the Judge was, as a matter of fact, missing in the early hours of today, with the excuse of attending a visa interview. Approximately 2:00 pm, the judge arrived the court premises, as the proceedings kicked off.  

Justice Kahrata however, pleaded that he wouldn’t want his name or image tarnished. He also stated that IPOB is now declared a lawful organization which made it impossible to convict them of those pressed charges. The final ruling is to be decided on 20th March 2017, when the three defendants with the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu shall be appearing before Justice Binta Nyako of the same court.

This is another round of victory for the Indigenous People of Biafra who have never losed in any of the rulings since its hearings. Patiently, we shall wait till 20th March to know the next drama that will be unfolded on that fateful day. Now it is much clearer that the Nigerian government has no case against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; not even with any Biafran detained. We expect the 

presiding Judge, to count her teeth with her tongue; she should do the needful

Publisher: Udeagha Obasi 
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