•   Author: Eze Ferdinand Chijioke
•   Editor: Ugochinyere Onyechere
•   Re-tweet: @umuchiukwu-writ
•   Date: 8th March 2017

The worst enemy of any man is the one living in the same house with him. Because of this, it is better to have two hundred thousand enemies outside than having one enemy living in the same house with you. It’s obvious that outside enemy hardly gets access to know your movement but the closest enemy who is always with you knows when you are inside your room and when not; that is why I consider such enemy more dangerous than any other enemy I can think of.

When an enemy knows your movement it’s easy for him to get you and hand you over to your outside enemies who have paid him. This is also applicable to the enemies of IPOB which are our Eastern governors and Senators who are playing the role of our enemies living inside the house with us. The so-called political leaders in Biafra land are the ones conniving with the Nigerian government in order to destabilize the IPOB, but thanks to Chiukwu-Abiama (God) that none of their evil plans have worked out for them.

Sometimes I use to wonder if these so called political leaders know what they are doing or not. Take a look at the governor of Anambra state Willie Obiano who has been the key sponsor of Nigeria army in order to destabilize IPOB. I have seen that he is doing what he is doing today in order to satisfy their warlord in Abuja hoping that one day he will become the President of the zoo republic of Nigeria. Coming to the issue of Enugu state governor; that one is the worst because in his own case, he has preferred to exchange the blood of Enugu state citizens to that of his Abuja connection.

Could you imagine the number of people Fulani herds terrorists killed in Enugu state and upon till today none of them have been prosecuted but tomorrow he will come out to tell us that he love his state with intention which is best known to him? I want to let all the governors in Biafra land to know that there is no possible ways for any man who is from Biafra land to be given a chance to rule the Zoo called Nigeria because the North and west are afraid that if anybody from Biafra land became the President that he is going to divide Nigeria and this have been the major reason they can never make it as a mistake to vote for anybody from Biafra land.

Take a look at Good Luck Jonathan who mistakenly became the President of Nigeria, My brother if you see the way he was removed from that post you can see to yourself that they are afraid of him that is why they removed him through manipulations. So anybody who is by any means dreaming of being the President of Nigeria is making himself a laughing stock in the eyes of his fellow political class in the country of the zoo. Sometimes I use to think about our so called brother Peter Obi who played the role of Judas among the Biafra.

This so-called Obi stupidity is getting out of hand because he donated up to 20 plots of land for the Northerners for them to build a mosque on it simply because he wants to contest President which I know that no Northern man or western man will vote him so the answer is that he is dreaming. Our so called senators are our worst enemies. When you take a look at our senators in the house, I don’t think that any of them can come out openly to challenge the Northerner's base on the way they are killing our people except mazi Ike Ekweremadu and One senator of Abia state.

They are doing all those things in order to show the Northerners that they are not in support of what the IPOB are doing. They are protecting their selfish interest in which they don’t know that they are exchanging what belongs to them with Devil in the name of seeking for political position. Today I want to let them know that all of them are total strangers in the country called the zoo and is better they Join us before things get out of hand. They need to know that we are not ready to drop the agitation and hence the agitation keep on going on that there is no way they will even be given any chance in the zoo government.

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi
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  1. Ekweremadu is among. he is not supporting our agenda. please make no mistake about that.