Author: Benjamin Kish
Editor: Prince Richmond C. Amadi 
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Date: 30th March 2017

Words cannot describe what is Biafra, books cannot truly explain her contents. The 21st century Biafra restoration struggle is a resistance movement, freedom fighting made up of 99.1% of indigenous people in the old eastern region of Nigeria.

The recent movements were kindled by no other person than Dr. Nnamdi Kanu who will incidentally be my focus in this article. His voice echoed and reechoed in international airwaves catching many world leaders by surprise through radio Biafra London.

He announced saying, O' you dry bones, wake up, rise up and join your family members bone to his own bones. He went on to warn, no politician no political bandits is welcomed in Biafra restoration struggle. Having said that, his stand sealed every other loopholes or manipulation that are the bain of African or black man's own way of engagement in world affairs.

The worldwide agitation for Biafra homeland is not anything comparable to the Shiites Islamic terrorist led by El-Zakki Zaki on whose order Gideon Akaluka was beheaded in Kano northern Nigeria.

It is not the same with BOKO haram another Islamic jihadist-led by Mohamadu Buhari whose field commander is Ibrahim  Shakau who is murdering innocent people in thousands for the past 8 years and the killings have continued on abated.

The agitations for Biafra independent is to expel the Islamic invaders led by the British who occupied our land forcefully for the past 100 years and still counting.

This is a symbolic protest of none cooperation, civil disobedience and the use of print and electronic media to get our request granted by those whose responsibility it is to free the  Biafrans from total extermination from the face of the earth.

The recent happenings in IPOB made me look critically into one of Dr. Nnamdi Kanu's law that qualifies anyone to join in the restoration struggle, and that is nothing else than

None cooperation is a failure to work with a person, persons, groups of people, organizations or government establishments in whatever guises.

This writer joined the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB because, the hierarchy from top to bottom have sworn never to cooperate with invading aliens the Awusa/Fulani/ Yoruba chameleons, including the British government imperial slave masters.

I make bold to say here, that the least we the true hardcore Biafrans expect to hear is that someone in the hierarchy took Monetary inducement in other to scuttle the emergence of Biafra sovereign nation.

Biafrans worldwide likened Dr. Nnamdi Kanu to the seventh president of the united states Andrew Jackson born on March 15th, 1767 in south Carolina u.s.a according to history.

Jackson became national war hero after defeating the British army in a brave open face to face military combats in 1828.

While the war was raging, Andrew Jackson knew his internal enemies but tactically chose to ignore them until freedom is secured for the American people.

One of the things being experienced by the Biafran leader who is still in the Islamic terrorist detention in Kuje prison in Abuja Nigeria is the same with that of Andrew Jackson.

The enemies within are Americans, wears similar clothing, they occupy very high positions, they claim to love America more than Andrew Jackson but they are British spies plotting to destroy every fabrics and foundation on which American future will be built.

Warnings to Dr. Nnamdi Kanu and all good Biafrans home and abroad, quoting Marcus Cicero who said, traitors speaks in the accents familiar to all, he rots the nation he claims to represent and plots to undermine and destroy the pillar that holds up that nation, they infects the body of the faithful members of the movements so as to weaken them not to have the power to resist the enemies onslaught Off quotes.

Biafra independent shall come, but the leader of indigenous people of Biafra and director of radio Biafra London must not lose focus, he must not in anyway cooperate with Biafran enemies, he must not begin fighting two wars in different battle fronts by trampling upon the households enemies which will make him forget the formidable enemy he is  fighting.
Andrew Jackson is a lawyer while Dr. Nnamdi Kanu is a historian, both men have one thing in common, and that is, a secure victory for your people, set them free from external and internal slavery, give them a homeland they can call theirs without anyone making them afraid.

Dr.Kanu  should be tactful and sometimes bend knowing that the war is ongoing.

Time have changed tremendously, Andrew Jackson made war as his first choice, but Dr. Nnamdi Kanu choose to go none violence and none cooperation.
Any one of them can secure us victory if properly applied.
America is today a sovereign nation, while Biafra is yet an emerging independent nation. Our expectations are that CHIUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA God of all creation will use you to restore our homeland of Biafra.


Publisher: Udeagha Obasi
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