Author:  Jonnie-boy Ezekwereugo
Editor: Prince Richmond C. Amadi
Re-tweet: @umuchiukwu_writ
Date: 29th March 2017

Nnamdi Kanu thunders "I will destroy Nigeria with the Truth, truth knows no ethnicity.
"As Mary Wollstonecraft said, what makes you human is the ability to reason. Here, they don't reason" He just spoke about injustice settled on the weak and defenseless not minding their ethnicity. For Mary Wollstonecraft, rationality or reason formed the basis of our human rights as it was our ability to grasp truth and therefore acquire knowledge of right and wrong that separated us as human beings from the animal world. Here (Nigeria) people don't reason,  he kept clamoring without fear, with absolute resolute and formidable spirit of Biafra.

Certainly, if Buhari and his government knew the caliber of person Nnamdi Kanu was and the deep-sea impact his Radio Biafra commentary has made in the life of the Biafrans,  particularly the exuberant members of the Eastern Nigerian societies, they wouldn’t have attempted to apply the antiquated abduction approach on Nnamdi Kanu.
The abduction of this innocent and patriotic Biafran has in fact thwarted the political administrative mission of Buhari's government (Islamization of Biafrans ).

Truly speaking, Nigeria has never been the same since the arrest and incarceration of Kanu, yet the government of the Nigeria failed state pretend that everything is fine.
To get this article straight for journalistic objectivity, it will be reasonable to highlight some of the vital points that has prompted the Buhari's government to go uncivil even as he (Buhari has evenly influenced the Nigeria judiciary as exactly seen in justice  Binta Nyanko's ruling)  ; violating all constitutional regulatory provisions in the illegal arrest and unlawful incarceration of the world's newest, influential, crowd-pulling, and most popular Freedom Fighter, having the greatest number of honest, purpose-driven and patriotic human followers on earth.

What is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu accused of? History has recorded one of the most gruesome bloodshed and unforgettable pogrom in human political combat. It remains Africa's greatest bloodbath and human devastation and biggest economic ravages in human history

This war - THE NIGERIA AND BIAFRA WAR. killed three million Biafrans, resulting into what the modern world called '' Genocide '' including the aged, women and children. The excruciating aftermath of the war left Biafrans with terribly deplorable conditions and presented a horribly bleak future for Biafrans. This was despite the fact that the war ended with a deceitful 'No Victor No Vanquished' agreement!
Again, it is important at this juncture to add the very obvious development that made the Nigeria/Biafra war the oddest and questionable war in human history.

Why? This was the only war that saw the involvement and participation of strange and incompatible bedfellows on one divide - all supporting Nigerians against the militarily ill-equipped Biafrans for economic interest gotten from Biafra land (Oil)

Yes, that war was the only war where the Western capitalist Powers - Christians and the then Socialist Powers - USSR joined forces with the Islamic Extremists to fight against a small, primitive and the only African nation that was entirely Christians - the Biafrans and their Christian brothers - THE BIAFRANS! The ravages of that war remain the reason for Africa's irredeemable backwardness. It was the lost greatness of Africa.

That war clearly defined the true nature and disposition of the British and questions deeply the unity, oneness, and purity of the global Christian faith. The cardinal cause of that war was the unwarranted killing of the Biafrans  in their thousands by the Hausa/Fulani  combined forces with their masters (Britain) in their bid to take control of the resources in Biafra land

At the end of the war, an agreement was reached to ensure nothing that brought about the war would be allowed to happen again.

Alas, forty years after the war, the original causes of the war were made even more manifest in the political affairs of the Nigerian federation. Marginalization and killing of the Biafrans became a pride of any government in power.
The north led by the Fulani shared the oil resources in the Biafra land to themselves to the utter detriment of the people of the oil producing communities. The killing of Biafrans in large numbers became a common practice in the north.
A conspiracy to ensure that no Biafra man becomes President in Nigeria was named after the Nigerian Currency note, Naira, which means: "NEVER ALLOW IGBO RULE AGAIN"!

This and many more reasons necessitated the clarion call for Biafra in recent Nigeria. Nnamdi Kanu, being responsible, civilized and exposed toed the path of advanced civility in his desperate quest to restore Biafra in order to bring back hope to his people and create an enabling peaceful environment in which the maximum human potential of his people can be fully optimized for the good of mankind in general. Mazi Nnamdi

Kanu as popularly called by his over 7 million faithful hardcore followers established a radio station called RADIO BIAFRA. It is crucial to state here that Nnamdi Kanu started his Radio commentary long before Buhari became President. In fact, his most impactful commentaries were made during the regime of Goodluck Jonathan as Nigeria's President. Because, Jonathan was a President with the sophistication of education, who understands that confronting Nnamdi Kanu and his Radio Biafra in any form or shape would give him catapulted relevance, which would make people who never knew his activities to notice him, Jonathan clinically ignored him and his commentaries.

Unknown to him and his government, Nnamdi Kanu was made the Super Human he is today by Buhari and his government. How? Sixty percent of those supporting Nnamdi Kanu today never knew anything about him prior to Buhari's ascension as Nigeria's President. Again, 30% of the Biafrans backing him today with their might, life, and resources didn't know anything about Nnamdi and his Radio Biafra until Buhari arrested and detained him unlawfully!

The LOVE and popularity Nnamdi Kanu enjoys today was made pronounced by the arrogance and despotic nature of Buhari and his people in handling the case of his abduction. Buhari jettisoned the law and abused all known constituted rules. He violated the constitutional provisions of law and dangerously undermined Nigeria's constitution as judicially interpreted by courts of competent jurisdiction.
Several court judgments have in many occasions acquitted Kanu of the illegal charges against him, yet Buhari has blatantly refused to obey these repeated court orders for the release of Nnamdi Kanu.
This unconstitutional action of President Buhari and DSS has infuriated the people.

Above all, Kanu's unshakable determination and clarity of purpose are major characteristics that have put him at the top echelon of modern Freedom Fighters and earned him what he is today known as - The Hero of Modern time freedom fighter, Kanu's unlawful incarceration has established one clear purpose and demonstrated the unprecedented unity of the Biafrans all over the world.
His detention has warranted a massive protest and agitation never before seen in Africa in recent time.

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