By Kelechi Okorie
For Biafra Choice Writers

Biafrans always beat their chest in confidence that once restored, their country (Biafra) will be better than Nigeria in all ramifications. They are never abashed to declare that constitutionally, educationally, infrastructural, and even through several other indices, that their country will be matchless with any other country. They are convinced that Biafra will lead Africa and the world.
Biafrans argue that to make any country progressive that there must fundamentally be checks and balances in the constitution, which Nigeria has never had. 

They think of utmost importance to aggregates the desires of the peoples; and there must also be discipline to adhere to its dictates. Apart from the constitution as the grundnorm, there are other laws deriving their strength to the constitution. The claim therefore that Nigeria has no constitution neither do Nigerians obey laws.
Checks and balances are done by the arms of government – Legislature, Judiciary, and Executive.  Nigerians do not obey the law; neither is their so-called 1999 Constitution a legitimate document. It was a military decree, a sham, and a huge fraud imposed on the people by the military junta of Abdulsalami Abubakar.

This is why being republican by nature; a constitution will not be imposed on the people of Biafra. the content of any constitution of Biafrans must be discussed and agreed upon by majority of Biafrans. Only then can it be called the people’s constitution.
In a section of the sham called Nigerian Constitution of 1999,  (260 – 264), the document shows itself as a Muslim sharia constitution. Apart from the promotion of sharia law, the so-called Nigeria constitution makes it possible for expired old folks in recycling themselves in power. That is why it registers in 131s – d, that for any person to qualify for the office of Nigerian president, the fellow must be at least 40 years old. It equally states that campaigners for the office must have at least, attained the education qualification of Secondary School leaving certificate.
This ungodly gerontocracy-system has disqualified vibrant educated youths bellow the age of 40 years to rule. This has invariably rewarded coup plotters like Nigeria dead president Muhammadu Buhari with the ruler-ship of the country.

This Buhari is a man that overthrew a democratically elected government, then went on to impose jail terms (of up to 100 and 200)  on politicians he did not like their faces, their religion, or their ethnicity. Nigeria became a place where perpetrators of genocide and coup plotters were celebrated based on highest number of people killed.
Biafrans beat their chest that such a situation will never occur in Biafraland when its free and independent status is restored. They boast that fairness would be hallmark of Biafra’s constitution, where equilibrium will remain a road map for national recognition, not ethnic grouping or majority minority considerations.

According to many Biafrans who have been speaking to Biafra Choice Writers, the word “minority” will be regarded as a hate word in Biafra constitution. That quickest way to jail would be by calling any person or group of people minority. Expectations are high: In Biafra there must be compulsory free education from kindergarten to tertiary level, and teachers will be among the highest paid, with good work conditions and environment. Pension schemes, qualification for teaching and licensing must be through the passing of rigorous training. That way the best leaders will be trained in Biafraland and not the mumbo jumbo found in Nigeria that makes the populace miserable.

Biafra history and fundamental human rights must be repeatedly thought in schools from elementary to Doctorate degree irrespective of discipline. Human rights must be a priority in order words Biafrans will be well grounded with their rights, unlike in Nigeria where none legal bodies like Directorate of State Security (DSS) both constitution and law is used by government to molest oppositions and judges that rule against government.

Example, police was established by section 214 of Nigeria constitution while State Security Service was established by Act of Parliament CAP 74, without responsibility or power of arrest and prosecution. Road block and Stop and Search by the military (Army, Navy, and Airforce) is an aberration, when people are ignorant of constitution security forces and its allies exceed their constitutional boundaries.

Meritocracy: This is the irreducible requirement phenomenon and undertaking, no room for different standard for different people. Favoritism will not be tolerated irrespective of social background and gender. There will be no educationally disadvantage area in Biafra lexicon; meritocracy will be the watchword.  On census, Biafra will carry out rebut census. This is the first thing to do, it must be carried out by professionals, specialists on data base system ICT with very well plan population census like population census and industrial census which will enable government short term, medium and long term planning.

Infrastructure: This is the physical structures such as facility such as buildings, roads, power supply needed for the operation of a society or enterprises. In Biafra, infrastructural development will be pursued by with much gusto at all levels of governance.
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