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For Biafra Choice Writers

Recently, Nnaemeka Achebe of Onitsha secretly received to his home, Paul Arkwright, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria. This Achebe is the man called Obi of Onitsha and often addressed as Agbogidi. Biafra Choice Writers learnt that the content of their meeting was not made known to anybody. But Biafrans have strong suspicions.

For some time now, the British government has been on the evil path, cooking up wicked schemes against Biafrans and Biafran agitation, especially against Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). We know of all previous plans to eliminate Nnamdi Kanu which failed.
We just hope Achebe is not in on working on the latest plot to have Kanu killed in prison by agents masquerading as Islamic State for Iraq and Syria (ISIS). 

Nigerian government flew the kite recently when its ultra-lying Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, announced that a terrorist cell in Nigerian was making “frantic efforts to advance its IED-making capability through the acquisition of chemicals like Sodium Oxide (for producing improvised detonators), Potassium Chlorate (alternative to ammonium nitrate used for producing IEDs) and Aluminium Powder (a fuel source for amplifying explosions)”. The intention for trying the gain the capability, the lying Mohammed revealed was to commence attacks on government infrastructures such as prisons.

Biafrans have however intercepted intelligence on a plot by British and Nigerian authorities to bomb to kill Nnamdi Kanu in Abuja prison, and then claim that terrorists were responsible. It had long been intercepted also, a planned move by Nigerian and British officials to soon commence a tour of Biafraland. The tour was to bribe where necessary, and intimidate where necessary, so that this people will be cowed and not raise a dust when they commit the atrocity.

But we have a message for Achebe and his likes all over Biafraland. If they think that they will serve the British on this evil plan, just as did Nnamdi Azikiwe (Zik) did in the past, they are welcome. But they should know that we are ready for them. Let them rest assured that we will resist them.
We have had enough of foreigners coming to our land and being used as agents of British government to enslave and exploit us. We have had the cow-following Fulani people from Futa Djallon Mountain in Guinea come here to aid the British in enslaving us. For surreptitiously bringing into Biafraland, this British agent of slavery and exploitation called Arkwright, we want to remind Biafrans to watch this Achebe of a man. They should not be deceived by the Igwe and Obi of Onitsha that is attached to his name; he has nothing to lose betraying Biafra. This so-called Obi of Onitsha is not a Biafran in the first place, and has shown that he has no allegiance to Biafrans and Biafraland.

Just as the Fulani people all over West Africa have their ancestral umbilical cord tied to Futa Djallon Mountain; this Achebe man has his ancestral umbilical cord tied to Mount Bintumani in Sierra Leone. We know they have no interest in the land where they are residing but the hegemony of their origin. Biafrans should therefore watch this Achebe of Onitsha with double lenses.
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