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Mbaka Is An Enemy Of God's Project And Therefore Should Be Boycotted

I call on all Biafrans and friends of Biafrans to avoid Ejike Mbaka, his ministry and his businesses because on several occasions, he has demonstrated full opposition to Biafra restoration, a project God Himself ordained.

Nobody should address Mbaka as a man of God because he is an agent of darkness. He is a weapon in the hands of the devil capable of massive destruction in the midst of the children of God.

An evil spirit had long been using him without people's awareness and if that evil spirit is not exorcised on time, he would do beyond what could be envisaged; he would initiate many Biafran youths into nonchalance, a virus that would make Biafrans suffer long, spending endless years in slavery.

Mbaka is an infectious disease that should be treated like an Ebola virus; because if carelessly allowed, he can do more damage when dead than alive.

How I wish Biafrans can give him Ebola treatment, Ebola greetings and announcements because the virus in his system is designed to end life quicker than AIDS.

He is a wolf in sheep clothing and if not separated and chained, he would devour and demoralise determined Biafrans.

Mbaka is the "Sanballat and Tobiah" of our time. Recall that the title 'man of God' should not be associated with Mbaka as he is clearly a demonic representative of Islamic weaponry, device and a means to quench the fire of freedom burning in the minds of youths in Biafra land.

As Sanballat and Tobiah bombarded Nehemiah and God's children who were committed to rebuilding the ruins of Jerusalem, with ceaseless oppositions strategic in formation, so has Mbaka emerged to scuttle the freedom movement.

Just as Sanballat and Tobiah were exceedingly agrieved at the news of the emergence of a man seeking the welfare of the children of Israel, and consequentially made scorn of Nehemiah with ridiculous gestures and remarks towards the strength of the walls of Jerusalem seeing that work was on progress despite all odds; resorting to trapping dignified entities such as kings, prophets and prophetesses in their web, which subsequently would have put fears and discouragement in the mind of Nehemiah; so has Mbaka with his cohorts risen up to dwindle the acceleration and velocity of this freedom movement.

Seeing that Sanballat and Tobiah were not Israelis but were Horonite and Ammonite respectively, one wouldn't wonder why they opposed the project of God so vehemently.

Ammonites were the people God warned the Israelites to disallow in their congregation citing the role they played against the children of Israel on their way to the Promised Land.

Instead of receiving the Israelites with bread and wine on their way to the Promised Land, the Ammonites hired Baalam to curse the children of Israel(although God turned the curses to blessings) hence God instructed Moses to disallow any Mobite or Ammonite in the assembly of Israel.

In similar scenario, Buhari and the northern elites have hired the likes of Mbaka to spew gibberish as the remnants of Israel, who are Biafrans, settle in their God-promised land.

Reasoning from his anus, in one of such pieces of demonic gibberish, Mbaka called the Biafrans campaigning for the restoration of their God-given land 'evil'. At that time people were  wondering whether Mbaka was demented but this his latest strategy, of asking the youth to hide in their shells until his so-called elites in Biafra land arise to the challenge of freedom, has proven to all Biafrans that he is an evil spirit that needs to be exorcised or an Ammonite that needs to be extradited.

But people may be wondering why he assumed such a regrettable responsibility of scuttling the Biafra freedom process; look closely you would see greed, lust for money, fame and position. And also check very well whether Islamic blood does not flow in him as it flows in some of his so-called Igbo elites.

So that's why you shouldn't be surprised when he kept mute at the slaughter of his own people by his master's servants, the Fulani herdsmen in his own land, Enugu; because his speaking out and condemnation of such Islamist acts would breach his contract with his masters.

I thank God that Chukwu Okike Abiama is on our side and all the strategies of Mbaka with his cohorts shall always bring blessings to us; shall always make us more resolute; and shall make Biafra come quicker than expected.

Finally, I warned all Biafrans to boycott his ministry seeing that his greed and thirst for fame would force him to allow or strike deal with Buhari to bring Fulani herdsmen to come and slaughter Biafrans that come to his ministry in exchange for money and fame. Mbaka is capable of such, be warned!

Written by Ogu Edozie Williams
Edited by Mazi Collins
For IPOB writers
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  1. Usman Mbaka is replica of the devil that went to tempt Jesus Christ in the Wilderness for Forty Days and Forty Nights. At the end of the Satan failed temptation, Jesus told Satan to get thee hence! Likewise, Biafrans are saying to the disgraced Usman satanic Mbaka to get thee hence!!!