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■  February 05, 2017
Once again, Ugochinyere Onyechere, one of the Umuchiukwu writer's correspondent has brought you the second edition of Umuchiukwu writers weekly news analysis. Sincerely speaking, a lot had happened around the world, and it would be interesting to know them all.
On the 29th January 2017 being the last Sunday of the month, the Founder and General Overseer, Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministries (MLMM) aka Liberation City, Dr Chris Okafor, has lamented the brutal and inhuman killings of Christians in the north, especially in Kaduna. The Aba-based pastor, during a recent service in the church premises, seems to be very angry and heart-broken with the deplorable state of the country and the unsatisfactory manner in which the present leadership have been handling the state of affairs, passionately lashed out at the government and perpetrators of the incessant brutal killings in the north. According to Pastor Chris Okafor, the Nigerian polity is gradually becoming heated up and ungovernable, because the leaders at the helms of the affair are mere stooges and big sounding empty barrels. And we commend his outspoken efficiency, not the type of Usman Mbaka of Adoration business centre.
While the minister of information, the father of all lies, the lies advocator of APC Lai Muhammed keep deceiving some gullible Nigerians on how the zoo army (Nigerian Army) supposedly, defeated the deadly terrorist group called Boko-Haram, another death toll was recorded in the northern part of the contraption called Nigeria; 20 lives were claimed in the operation, after the terrorist group Boko Haram gunmen opened fire on a convoy of motorists travelling under military escort in northeast Nigeria, according to eyewitnesses, The exact toll from the ambush on the main road between Maiduguri to Damboa on Saturday was unclear, with numbers varying from two to as high as 15 and 24. This is happening under the watch of soldiers who could always open fire on innocent protesters. Where were they when this was going on?
We could sense some fools who called themselves Igbo leaders of South-East, or whatever they call it, once again advertising their stupidity in the name of reconciling with each other. Among their discussion, they never made mention of the real problem of the people, which is the restoration of Biafra. And we are just laughing at their gullibility. As much as we know, their reconciliation is null and void, until to take active steps to speak against our imagination, the extra-judicial killing and illegal arrest of our people; in other words, they shall have no peace.
It was so difficult to believe when I ran into this news. A Borno State High Court sitting in Maiduguri has ordered the Nigeria Police to release Mr Inuwa Bwala, who was arrested and detained for about two weeks, over alleged attempts to murder the current deputy governor, Usman Durkwa, about two years ago. The most difficult thing to believe is that Justice Hadiza Ali Jos of Borno State High Court 14 said the police had violated the country’s laws by detaining Bwala and his driver, Muhammed Audu, beyond two days without trial. I was forced to believe that this judge is apparently not from Nigeria; or should I say Biafrans are enemies of Nigeria. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a prisoner of conscience, the Nigerian government have defiled the law, by disobeying court orders, and as such, detained him without a proper trial.
While the Fulani-Herdsmen raid our homes, the Nigerian security on the other side has remained a torn in our lives, Boko-haram disseminating Christians in the North, see what this fool have to say because of too much love of oil instead of saving lives. The Olu of Warri, Ogiame Ikenwoli, have explained to the United States, US, Government, why Itsekiri nation wanted more military bases in Delta State waterways against the wish of their Ijaw neighbours, saying it was to check the increasing criminality and absence of police in the creeks. This man has forgotten the persecutions by the same military. This is total madness. They should go to Sambisa forest.
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has once again been vindicated by calling Nigeria zoo. Ten men, yesterday, appeared before a Lagos chief magistrate’s court sitting in Ikeja, over alleged inciting news publication in the newspaper, The Biafra Times. The accused, Peter Eke, Jamiu Eke, Azeez Ayoola, Akeem Adebakin, Bisi Akeem, Adewumi Temitope, Sakiru Folorunsho, Rafiu Qudus, Kunle Olusola, and Ayodeji Odunyingbo, were arraigned before Chief Magistrate Aje Afunwa. They had all pleaded not guilty to the seven-count charge preferred against them by the Lagos State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence. They were alleged to have reproduced statements, rumours and reports calculated at inciting secession in a section of the country and which publication is capable of putting the government in fear. The publication is said to contain graphic displays of persons living and dead in a manner likely to provoke or bring into disaffection some section of the country. Can someone tell them to bring forth evidence to prove they were actually spreading rumours?
For the first time as the vice president, Professor Osibanjo has made a positive comment regarding the illegal detention of the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and others politically held by dictator Muhammadu Buhari. Maybe this move was taken because the tyrant has been said to be dead. A slight drama played out yesterday at the two-day Stakeholders’ Summit organised by the Lagos State Ministry of Justice.The event which held at the Eko Convention Center attracted lots of dignitaries.During the summit, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo accused the Nigerian Police Force and judges for unlawful detention of suspects. He further stated that keeping a suspect in the prison custody longer than legally permissible is wrong. I believe this man has wakened up.
Hope for Biafra, as the European Union High Commission recently expressed concerns over the heavy-handed suppression of Biafrans in Nigeria, and has promised to pressure for the immediate and safe release of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafran activists who are being unlawfully detained by the Nigerian government led by president Muhammadu Buhari. This is the right time the world as a whole starts speaking up because our freedom is overdue
While we deliberate on issues surrounding the Biafran struggle, a US constitutional lawyer has said that the Biafran struggle is stronger than South Sudan. According to his further statement, he maintained that Biafrans were forcefully amalgamated by arm force. He categorically stated that Biafrans never accepted the amalgamation peacefully, rather they were forced into a country during the colonisation of Africa in the years 1906-1914. He made it plain that before the forceful amalgamation, Biafrans were self-governed, peacefully and harmoniously. Thanks to Chiukwu-Abiama that people now realise the true identity of Biafrans, not like those animals in the zoo.
Biafrans weep, as our hero Ndubueze Johnson Okoli, a native of Enugu Biafra Land was finally laid to rest on the 3rd day of February 2017. The 20-year-old Ndubueze was shot by the murderous Nigerian security on the 20th day of January 2017, at a rally, held in Igweochha (Port-Harcourt) in solidarity with the 45th President of the United States Of America, President Donald J Trump. Our condolence letter to the family, and to all IPOB family member around the globe.
The Indigenous People Of Biafra under the leadership of mazi Nnamdi Kanu have expressed their gratitude to Julie (MEP).
In a press statement released recently by the people, they saluted the courage of the EU (MEP) towards her willing mind to be of help to Biafrans as she remains our trusted advocate at the European Parliament as the EU once again answers an urgent question on the continued human rights abuses meted out on our leader Nnamdi Kanu and all our brothers being incarcerated with him and in the different secret cells in the contraption called Nigeria. Biafrans, This week has answered some of the questions, raised by some Biafrans, about the true identity of Usman Mbaka, a supposed reverend father and founder of then adoration ministry business centre, who have deviated from his supposed to calling into becoming a full-time politician. The Indigenous people of Biafra have blasted the myopic and confused reverend father following his misguided thoughts and statements he recently released. In his statement, he alleged that the greedy politicians in the south must engage themselves in the Biafra agitation before he (Usman Mbaka) involves himself. My question to the fool is “how about the incessant killings going on in his community, how many of those thieves he called politicians have reacted in condemnation of the atrocity? Mbaka should come out and tell us how many times he condemned the killing if he has nothing in his cupboard.
Nigerians are still in total confusion, following the incessant visit of the northern caliphates to the Aso-Villa. Recently within the week, it was confirmed that the Nigerian Senate President Bukorla Saraki and Dogora visited the Nigerian vice president Osibanjo. Ever since the death rumour of the president of the contraption called Nigeria, there has been pressure from the north towards the vice president ordering him to resign. Though the Nigerian presidency claimed that the president is not dead. Then why should his vice be addressed as an acting president? Furthermore, why would the AU observe a minute silence for him? Most notably, why would they advise Osibanjo to resign? We need compatible answers to these questions.
There has been paramount joy in the hearts of those affected by the HIV, as news have it that Michael Okpara University situated in Abia State Biafra Land discovered the cure to the deadly virus. Biafrans again, make a tremendous history. It was so funny to see two birds of a feather fighting with each other. The interesting part of it all is that these fools gave themselves compatible names. I never knew they were this intelligent to have known suitable names to use until I saw it on the news headlines. Anambra state governor, Willie Obiano the drunkard and the Hausa Malam in Imo State government house fight have been spotted exchanging names as they engage in misunderstandings. It was gathered that the Imo state governor said that comparing him with Obiano is wrong since doing that is as useful as comparing the international football star called Messi with a local government football player. On the contrary, the Anambra state governor lashes on him, calling him a motor park governor and a shameless son spitting on his father’s grave. Are these not what they really are? Be the judge.
An armed group, suspected to be Boko Haram, attacked a U.N. technical team working along the border between Nigeria and Cameroon, killing five persons and wounding several, According to the United Nations Office for West Africa, the attack occurred on Tuesday at around 1400 local time near the Cameroonian border town of Kontcha. This is the same Boko Haram that has been technically defeated by the zoo army according to the minister of information and propaganda, Lia Muhammed.
I called confusion, as some baboons and monkeys maintained that the president of the contraption called Nigeria is not dead; while the African Union (AU) observes a minute silence for the deceased. During the official opening session of the AU Summit, Chadian President Idriss Deby Itno, the incumbent AU President, invited the African leaders to observe a minute’s silence in the memory of “our late brother,” the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari. Who is fooling who? I have said it often times, that some efulelefu’s needs to be visited. This he goat called Joe Igbokwe should serve as a scapegoat. Following his recent statement, while urging Biafrans to join hands together with Nigerians To Make Sure, The North Completes It’s 8 Years In Office. In my findings, I discovered that this man is living in ignorance. He needs some brain surgery since no man in his right senses could think in such way. Who is on the seat? And what is our take if APC completes or not? Are citizens of another country now entitled to voting someone in another country? Good Samaritan, please go on, no one is restricting you.
While Boko-Haram is still on the rampage, hear the chief liars once again, disclosing his lies to the public, as he claimed that, the Federal Government, had recovered some sensitive documents and treasure of the Boko Haram in the Sambisa Forest. How many times will they be defeated? Founders and lovers of lies. As we may have it, these are all we got for you, for the week. Stay tuned and expect more come next weekend from Umuchiukwu Writers. Have a great new week ahead.

Edited: Udeagha Obasi

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