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■ February 07, 2017
Ever since the death rumour of the president of the contraption Muhammadu Buhari, there have been numerous controversial issues surrounding it. The Nigerian presidency has become more desperate in all activities carried on in the contraption they called Nigeria. To be realistic, an average Nigerian may not believe that the president is dead; on the contrary, a good reasoning fellow will believe on every circumstance. I can prove with facts and figures, that the dictator (Muhammadu Buhari) is dead. Though the Nigerian murderous Department of State Security (DSS) has been on a rampage, arresting people who proclaim the president dead. The inefficiency of the Nigerian government to prove that their president is alive is the worst complicated document ever in the history of the contraption.
It’s obvious that some people are busy deceiving their fellow citizens as regards to the President. It’s a crap indulging into big distraction as far as the Indigenous people Of Biafra (IPOB) are concerned. On this stance, we believe the world have been educated more, concerning the lying professionalism in Nigeria. Information coming from any Nigerian must be weighed and properly screened because they are professional liars. In the case of the death rumour of the president, Personally, I am much convinced that Muhammadu Buhari is dead. After stating my points, I need someone to debate with me. In some issues like this, it’s good to allow people fool themselves since they have no ability to learn new things. Categorically, there is no atom of truth in any Nigerian. This is the reason we Biafrans are different from the monkeys and baboons.
To make issues clear, Muhammadu Buhari is dead. Hence he had refused to address his country, either via Skype nor any video call, just like he did when the Nigerian Junior football team had their match with another country. He came up on Skype because he was not in the country, to encourage and address them. If I may ask, what is so big for the old man to address his people, that he is not dead? Has Buhari overgrown that?
Secondly, president Muhammadu Buhari has been declared missing by one of his Aids, Adesina, who claimed the President is no longer in a London hospital as admitted earlier by the presidency. While He advocates on this, the Minister of Information (PROPAGANDA) Lia Muhammed is also dramatising the issue, by his own atomic lying bombardment, as he claimed that the president will be going through the test; stating that he might not be coming back in the next four months.
In this twenty-first century, there has never been a test that will last more than one week; not even in the lowest mechanised area of the world, talk more of in a civilised country as London. Who is now fooling who? Thirdly, it is unconstitutional for a vice president to be addressed as an acting president; this can only take place when the president is dead or have resigned. If the president is still alive, why is Vice President Yemi Osibanjo now addressed as the acting president of the contraption called Nigeria? On the contrary, the Nigerian National Assembly have engaged in debates to make the vice president the next President of the contraption. Indefinitely, I am not interested if the child rapist is dead; the killer of my brothers and sisters, the incinerator of my amiable and non-compromisable president Mazi Nnamdi; a counterpart of the unbearable genocide against my people; I am not interested in whoever becomes the president, because I no longer have anything to do with Nigeria.
Why I have gone through this analysis is to make it clear and make it known to some fools, who have been in a state of confusion, as to if the president is dead or not. Furthermore, his death is not the first of it’s kind, and don’t seem to be the last. Moreover, President Buhari has killed not less than two thousand innocent souls. Even the bible says we should suffer not the witch to live.
Many young stars have been off, because of his incessant hatred on Biafrans. The Nigerian government might have forgotten that the president vowed either to die than see the division of Nigeria. I can’t understand the point behind the tension abode his death. Buhari is not better than any of those he killed. And if Nigerians don’t know, he is only paying for his sins. No evil-doer goes unpunished.
I was never surprised at the rate in which some security personnel are giving up the ghost. This is clear evidence that our creator Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama has been the master planner and the advocate we have. Biafra is a spirit, ideology and belief. If you love your life, do not play with us, because Okike-Bi n’igwe is fighting for us. Biafrans should ignore the deceitful tongues of Nigerians, rather let’s concentrate more on our struggle.
Published by: UmuChiukwu Writers.
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