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■ February 07, 2017

KEYPOINTS: ~ Joe Igbokwe should kindly take his presidential ambition to the north. ~ Joe is nothing but a political bigot desperate to have himself the presidential seat ~ Maturity is not just a physical growth. Growth is constant, and this is where the prophet of doom called Usman Mbaka got it wrong
Ironically, Joe Igbokwe the prodigal son is a saint in the eyes of Usman Alhaji Mbaka. These were the calibres of men he (Usman Mbaka) looked up to agitate for the sovereign state of Biafra. I believe Mbaka is watching; pro to the statement of Collins Joe Igbokwe, He is a hardcore APC member, ready to kill anyone standing on his way to the presidential seat. Joe is nothing but a political bigot desperate to have himself the presidential seat, especially recently that the Baba of Nigeria, former President Olusegun Obasanjo stated that the Igbos will be remembered for presidency ever since the death of Aguiyi Ironsi who was overthrown by the world Genocide Yakubu Gowon.
This ignorant hypocrite has come up with an uproar, an abominable speech; classifying us as Igbos is an abomination. Another is maintaining that we should be part of the upcoming election in the contraption called Nigeria. Where is the conscience of this man? Biafrans have been in the state subjugation decades of years. Instead of him to caution the Nigerian government over the killing of Biafrans, he is rather, preparing his minds in voting President Muhammadu Buhari again.
Not so sure, I would have said if he has realised that he is and remains a slave in the presence of the Northern caliphate. I will always remind him of the statement made by Ahmadu Bello the son of Uthman Dan Fodio; the ancestor of the Fulani dominators today in the North. It quote thus “the new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather, Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities in the north as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future’. Parrot Newspaper October 12, 1960.
Now there are important revelations about the vision of Ahmadu Bello, as captured in the above, and which vision his people have executed with high effectiveness for decades. This is the reason I keep doubting the likes of Usman Mbaka, Igbokwe, Rochas Okoroawusa and other imbecilic creatures whom by one means or the other found themselves in Biafra Land. After analysing the above statement, I get confused on why a right-thinking human being would support the northerners.
In all ramifications, Joe Igbokwe is likely suffering from mental cadastral, should be given immediate attention before things get worst. The northern caliphates they're born to rule manifestoes in progress. They don’t need us, simply because Nigeria is an estate of their great grandfather Othman Dan Fodio, and so anyone who does not descend from their forbear is automatically a tenant, if not worse than a slave. The vision is to maintain a tenancy status for all non-Dan Fodians dwelling within the geographical boundaries of the contraption called Nigeria.
It’s quite funny that Joe Igbokwe at his age cannot differentiate between good and bad. If he has accepted the condition, what about the masses? His people are being killed by the same northern securities, slaughtered by the same northern Hausa Fulani-Herdsmen, Bombed by the same Fulani terrorist group Boko-Haram. This is total insanity.
This has convinced me more that maturity is not just a physical growth. Growth is constant, and this is where the prophet of doom called Usman Mbaka got it wrong. He had thought that being rich and a politician gives them credit to agitate for Biafra. If he is inclined with the Bible, he should have known that the four hundred men of David whom conquered his enemies were all debtors who were outcast from their home countries. To prove him more wrong, how many politicians did God use in the Bible? Joe Igbokwe is one of those he is waiting to join the struggle before he becomes part of It. To hell with your useless concerns, standby and watch us come victorious. Biafrans have earlier disassociated themselves from any form of election to be conducted in the whole Biafra land. If anyone insists on going on, they should wait to face the dance. Anything not of Biafra is prohibited, and will not stand.
Joe Igbokwe should kindly take his presidential ambitions to the north. Greed and political correctness has been his problem. We do not need Igbo presidency or anything of such nature. All we have requested for is to get Biafra. Igbokwe should get packing because he will not escape the wrath that will be upon him. The same punishment faced by those who have their hands in the death of our people is awaiting him. He shall not escape the judgment.
This is the time to take our destiny into our hands, we have to neutralise the above statement from Alhaji Bello. While Usman Mbaka waits for the likes of Igbokwe, Igbokwe is busy waiting for presidency made for the Dan Fodians alone. In their wildest dream will they taste the presidency, while we are celebrating our independence States of Biafra. At this juncture, every man will be paid according to his work.
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