■ Author:  Onwe Ozioma
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■ February 14, 2017
It is no longer news that somewhere in Africa, a group of people whom the British identified as the greatest threat to their permanent enslavement program of Africa and Africans. People whom they wittingly hid under those they easily brainwashed and gave the duty of supervising the continuous implementation of their satanic agenda in Africa.
People that knew no King but one (Eze Chukwuokike Abiama). People that believed and still believes in the right of people to have full control over their God giving boundaries has decided to take the bull by the horn. It is no longer news that these people had made a resolve which surpasses even that which was in their four fathers when they resisted the British; and that which was in their fathers and grandfathers when they wrestled against the world powers for three years in an attempt to rescue their freedom.
It is no longer news that the one and only true God has sent his servant (Nnamdi Kanu), to unite them and lead them to rescue their suffocating freedom task which he has performed in a manner no one except he that is backed by the Almighty can perform. It is no longer news that these people's determination has met the stiffest opposition from a known and unknown quarter.
In case you are still in the dark about the people I’m referring to, I am talking about the blessed people of Biafra. We have suffered a great deal. The British and their Nigerian counterparts have since the inception of the Contraption, through their never-do-well puppets (Hausa/Yoruba slaves) have on several occasions unleashed on us all form of inhuman treatment in the company they created and called Nigeria.
We have been agitating to be free, but the more we say no to slavery, the more they oppress us; coming out with different tactics as the days go by; our youths come out with placards to peacefully unveil their quest; the Nigerian soldiers, killed us. We gathered to celebrate our fallen heroes, they opened fire on an armless crowd and even tracing the wounded to hospitals and kidnapping them.
We protested against the illegal detention of our leader; we get it hotter. Now, they have come up with another tactic of attacking us at our meeting venues. Our brethren were attacked in Delta State just for assembling. In the face of all these inhumanity to man, one begins to wonder if there is any organisation on this earth of ours against such wickedness. If there exist any, it is not out of place to ask if there are people exempted from enjoying the protection of such bodies.
What crimes have we Biafrans committed against the entire humanity; that have prompted the continuous injustice and extra-judicial killings of Biafran. Is the world not aware that Biafrans have been battling genocide for tens of decades? Is the UN charter on self-determination not for all inhabitants of the earth? Are the so-called world powers waiting for this pregnant disaster to put to bed? Can they handle it? If the answer to the few among many questions above be in the affirmative, then where is the conscience of man? Has it died? Has the milk of human kindness dried up totally? Biafrans remain grateful to everyone who has supported our quest for freedom by whatever means, but we dare hold humanity responsible for what we are passing through. We ask, are these the only men of goodwill who know and value the sacredness of life? Biafrans are no cowards; our determination to agitate for what we want peacefully shouldn’t be taken for stupidity. We are aware of our God giving rights to self-defense; we are running out of patience, we are tired of casting our young. We call on humanity rise against the annihilation and suppressions of all indigenous peoples the world over to avoid the impending danger; but if it breaks loose, it should be known that 'Ndi Biafra jur'uwa ofo'; in essence, (Are all over the earth).

Edited By Ugochinyere Onyechere Published By Umuchiukwu Writers.
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