■ Author: Ugochinyere Onyechere 
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■ February 14, 2017
Some lunatics will always blame us for going out to the streets in a protest or rally formulae, whenever we are being killed. Usman Mbaka is one of those calibres of illiterates who has failed to understand that protest is one of the peaceful measures to unveil and showcase one’s anger and dissatisfaction in a particular community, the state even in a country.
Nigeria is, and remains the only place where protests, rallies and agitation for self-determinations become a crime alleged to be convictions of treasonable felony. It’s obvious that the world has become adamant and less concerned to the incessant massacre of Biafrans by the Nigeria/British concocted experimental entity; created out of greed and self-tussles.
It’s obvious that the world has been comfortable with the state of things, collisions and displeasures hovering around a mere geopolitical entity in the western part of Africa. Biafrans have been undermined for ages. We fought a defence fight, against three countries; we were deprived of our rights and consecutive times have they unleashed grudges, pains, agonies and sub sequential accustomed treats.
Biafra killings remains a norm, practically enrolled into the Nigerian constitution. It has become a common priority; in the sense that we chose to be peaceful in our quest for a sovereign state of Biafra. Protest across the contraption is a crime; that is the reason they killed a countless number of peaceful Biafra protesters, seeking for the immense right to decide and determine for oneself, politically and otherwise.
We were killed for praying; that they proved by invading Aba National High School dated 9th February 2016, while Biafrans were praying on behalf of their leader mazi Nnamdi Kanu; killing more than 20 peaceful prayer warriors, leaving some crucially injured while with the host of others arrested and detained illegally.
This time around, we weren’t protesting neither were we rallying. We were only assembled to discuss and deliberate on issues pertaining to our freedom. We were gathered to pray. In Okwe community of Oshimili South local government of Delta State Biafra Land, on Sunday, they strike at us once again. I hope those myopic entities that keep blaming us could see clearly that we weren’t on the streets at this particular one? The non-precedential and unjustified killings, of Biafra, though we are no longer humans. In case the world doesn't know, we are humans, who breathe, talk work and reason as you do. Why should we be left to die in such a gruesome way? What can justify this great genocide? What happened to the Human Rights defenders of the world? Why suddenly silent? These are the questions surpassingly to be answered with greater clarification. Biafrans have decided to be on their own. Why not allow us to be? Why staying with us the best option to keep expired goods? Even a weak marriage is granted a divorce in the court of law. Why not grant our divorce quest? We are not comfortable with an empire that encourages our deaths and pains. We are yet to understand why the world leaders keep mute, whereas sometimes ago it was the discussion of Palestine’s to have a land mask that belongs to another. Biafrans have only come to take what is rightly ours; not the property of Odudua nor Arewa.

We are peaceful and disciplined. We have never engaged in any form of chaos nor violence during protests, rather the Nigerian soldiers that cannot face mere herdsmen keep raining live bullets on us. Tell me, what genocide is greater and more efficient than that? What other prove does the world need to implement the proper procedures of prosecuting those behind these heinous crimes? At some point, It marvels me on what I see spiritually going on between the competent leaders of the world. The crime we have committed is to seek for freedom. The freedom I know is not a crime; if by any means it has become, we strive to understand. In other words, we are asking the world to stop this genocide on Biafrans now.

Editing Udeagha Obasi
Published by Umuchiukwu Writers.
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