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■ January 24, 2017

ANGRY MOHAMMAD BUHARI RESPONDS TO DONALD J TRUMP BY SLAUGHTERING BIAFRANS IN THEIR HUNDREDS DURING TRUMP'S SOLIDARITY RALLY It is no more hidden and doubtful that Nigeria is a zoo were crazy and imbecilic animals are kept. Nigeria is a den of vampires were the blood of innocent unarmed Biafrans are use to refresh and forcefully keep the fraudulent British evil and none existing country called "Niger Area" (Nigeria) together. An evil forest where the president is a terrorist, uneducated and a jihadist by nature.

This man called Mohammadu Buhari again has shown to the whole world that he is nothing but a blood sucking DEMON. On the 20th of January 2017, Biafrans were rallying peacefully and standing in solidarity with the President of United States of America Donald J Trump in Igweocha (Port Harcourt ), this man called Mohammadu Buhari massacred and slaughtered Biafrans in their good numbers. People were macheted, gunned down and so many arrested by agents of Mohammadu Buhari.
The worst part of it is that the agents of Muhammadu Buhari massacred and slaughtered innocent Biafrans even when the evidence, pictures and videos were there they still denied it. But this time around they have failed and can't deny it. This evil entity called Nigeria ruled by an evil and inhuman president Muhammadu Buhari must not go scot-free on this heinous crime committed against peaceful Biafrans who were only showing their support to President J Trump. This time around the world must stand up and stop this evil man called Muhammadu Buhari and especially the government of the United state America.

They must stand up and defend innocent people of Biafra. Mohammadu Buhari must be brought to book. He must be arrested and sentenced to death either by hanging or by firing squad together with those who are supporting him. Also, the British Government must be stopped, cushioned and petitioned for supporting and shielding the atrocities committed by this demon called Muhammadu Buhari, because this man is a vampire who survives by sucking innocent blood. Mohammadu Buhari is not supposed to live among human beings; he is a monster and blood sucking demon.
Recently Amnesty International, a human right organisation, released a forensic evidence on how the Nigerian army and some security agents of the contraption called Nigeria killed and massacred unarmed peaceful Biafran protesters, this killing of Biafrans must be avenged very soon, the day of reckoning is coming and very imminent.
Mohammadu Buhari should know that no amount of intimidation, incarceration and killing can stop the coming of Biafra. We will fight to finish. Anybody who thinks we will surrender this struggle is dreaming. Even when our blood has been spilt on the ground in several occasions do you think we will quit? No! We will fight even with the last man standing.

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