■ Author: Ugochinyere Onyechere
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ 
■ January 23, 2017
My heart is broken, my eyes are wet, my blood is hot; the did have been done. I nearly cried out my eyes, because another great number of heroes have fallen again. Their crimes are not criminality, disobedience, nor murdering; rather, they were found celebrating one of our greatest friend who is more like a brother to us. They were not violent, they were peaceful; they were not seen with guns and machetes, they were only having the American flag, Biafran flag and placards. I saw them lying lifeless on their own of blood. What a world! Once again, our blood flowed, in the hands of the Nigerian security, masterminded by the jihadist in power, Muhammad Buhari, while celebrating the 45th president of United States of America, President Donald J Trump. They killed us again in the streets of Igweocha, our own land. What have we done to deserve these untold heart broken tragedies? The Nigerian security derives joy in spilling the blood of Biafrans unnecessarily. They claimed to secure lives and properties, while they are the chief destructors. While they kill us, the world watched on and did nothing.
It’s painful to lose such gallant soldiers, marching to take over their rights. Biafrans are calling on Donald J Trump, to hasten the prosecution of the perpetrators. In not less than two years, under the guise command and authority of Muhammadu Buhari, Biafrans have lost not less than 1,000 people. We lost them not in the war front, but in a country that wants us to remain with them. Biafrans were slaughtered like animals, the world social media pretended not to have heard about it. We have never killed any Nigerian, we have not taken away their properties, we have not protested violently, rather we receive violence, death, illegal arrest, and extra-judicial murder from them. I am certainly sure that this contraption called Nigeria have no remorse for human lives. The world has chosen to be silent, watching innocent souls die for no crime. The world has turned deaf and dumb, probably because the majority of them lives in our expense so they wouldn’t lose it.
It is obvious that greed is not paramount only in Nigeria but in the whole world. They have chosen to be silent because of their selfish interest; lives and innocent souls have gone, they are seeking for justice. The world has turned up their deaf ears, just to maintain their evil deal with the Hausa slaves. The world has given damn ears, watching innocent souls being persecuted unjustly, just to satisfy their own soul. Of what profit shall they have by wasting us this way? Certainly, the world shall have no peace until we are compensated. They seek for peace, while injustice covers the planet. Biafrans don’t need peace, all we want is equal right and justice. Equity and fairness. All these will be accomplished when the United States Of Biafra is given to us. We must remind President Donald Trump, that our blood flowed for his success. We are putting him on notice that our own have been killed, blood shaded, and it’s a sign of the covenant. The greatest covenant is blood. For the fact that we were massacred on the street for celebrating with Donald J Trump, it’s historical. In the entire existence of the earth, Tump’s inauguration wouldn’t be remembered without remembering these fallen heroes.
The Nigerian government should put this in consideration, by digesting their imaginations, of stopping the agitation for a sovereign state of Biafra with guns and bullets. You might kill us, arrest us, subjugate us, or do worst than these, the issue remains that Biafra must be accomplished. On the contrary, they can’t figure out those behind Kaduna killing. Recall that the Kaduna killing has claimed uncountable lives of Christians, an operation carried out by the terrorist, who emerges as the most violent types. They converge into villages and kill as many as they want. The Nigerian security is yet to give an account of such massacre.
The fact remains that Biafrans were brutally killed with impunity all because they are hardcore Trump supporters; meanwhile, the president of the contraption called Nigeria, hated him, simply because Trump is not a jihadist neither a terrorist like his predecessor Hussain Barack Obama who ordered and planned the mass killing of Biafrans. This is the more reason, Trump should nail this dictator for all his crime against humanity and most importantly, against the people of Biafra. Donald J Trump should never forget the blood that was shed for his sake.

Editing Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers
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