B I A F R A: As 13th December 2016 date came by, the Abuja Federal High headed by Justice Binta Nyako ruled for the terrorist Buhari of Nigeria via DSS application to use screen shielded AKA Masquerade witnesses in the trial of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), it has become necessary to POINT OUT to the public and also the prosecution and equally the judge not forgetting the Hitler Protégé President of the country, African Hitler Buhari on what the laws of Nigeria says on how to prove treason and treasonable felony Charges before the law courts.
THE LAW ON TREASON The Law on Treason is detailed in section 37 of the Criminal Code (The Criminal Code is the law applicable to the 17 Southern States of the Country) and section 410 of the Penal Code (which applies to the 19 Northern States of the Country). Section 41 of the Criminal Code deals with Treasonable Felony.
HOW TO PROVE THE EVIDENCE OF TREASON & TREASONABLE CHARGE BEFORE THE COURT (1) Unlike other types of crimes that its prosecution can be started at any time, the trial of treason and treasonable Felony must be commenced within 2 years (24 months) of the alleged committing of the crime.
(2) In the Prosecution for the offences under treason, nobody can be convicted unless the person pleads QUILTY to the offence.
(3) There is a PROOF of the commission of the crime by 2 witnesses in OPEN COURT of at least one overt act of least one overt act of the type of treason or felony charged.

(4) There is a proof of the commission of the offence in open court by two witnesses who are witnesses to different overt acts each of the treason or felony the accused is charged with.
NOTE: - From the above, it’s important to note that the law of the country either via the Criminal Code or the Penal Code or any other law for that matter does not make provision for treason and felony charges to be held in secret.Therefore, it’s paramount that all and sundry is informed that the law does not recognise the place of Masquerade or even Screen Shielded witnesses.
It will then amount to aberration to attempt to introduce what is utterly strange in law by Hitler Buhari led DSS of Nigeria. He that makes an allegation in the open should also prove it in public.
EXCEPTIONAL CASES The only time that the court (not the law) can allow secret trial are to protect minors or people with disabilities (minors in Nigeria are people below the age of 18 years). An example is the Trial of Yunusa Dahiru, alias Yellow was the Court allowed Ese Rita Oruru to testify in secret. But even at that, the world knows who was giving testimony.
There is nowhere in the world to a democratic rule, where the identity of witnesses are shielded from the accused and the public.

WHY THE COURT DOES NOT ALLOW IDENTITY SHIELDED WITNESSES. In this reign of evil where even judges are haunted and humiliated, and even members of the DSS who have fallen out of favour with the government are not spared, it will be very dangerous for any Judge to allow or to encourage this aberration of identity shielded witnesses’ precedent to be set or stand.

Those who encouraged it today may become its victims tomorrow. And Karma as a female Dam makes it know that one can’t stop what he/she is part of or benefitted from yesterday.
FINAL WORDS It is clear now that these people (Buhari) are proving Nnamdi Kanu right that the country is truly worse than a Zoo? If not, I don’t see why the Gestapo outfit called the DSS cannot do the needful and nail him (Nnamdi Kanu) with reliable and trusted witnesses before the public in OPEN COURT if actually, he has committed the crime the Zoo state is alleging.
Does it mean that the Gestapo organisation only have evidence that can only be provided in Secret by masquerade looking witnesses? It beats the imagination how Nigerians expected a man who from my own findings as a student of English, had not shown any traces of ambidextrous capabilities as a public administrator an old man when he was young forced himself on Nigerians and even after that opportunity couldn't create any positive niche for himself, to salvage Nigeria. A man tainted with radical religious extremism.IPOB say no to secret trial.

Ezekwereogu John
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers

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  1. The whole world knows by now that her brother Mohammadu Buhari forged his certificate! It is as if just been the sister of a certificate forger, a child rapist who divorced his fist wife and abandoned her with five or six children to run off and marry his second underage wife Aisha when she was only 9 years old and impregnated her at age 13 years is not enough for the 419 Mrs. Binta Nyako. Yet again it is as if her corruptible brother Mohammadu Buhari been an expert briber from Biafra's resources, a dictator who have destroyed many innocent lives, a boko haram terrorist breeder, and a mass genocidal killer of Christian Biafrans for the Islamation is not enough for the 419 Mrs. Binta Nyako, and it is as if it is not enough that her husband Mr. Nyako himself is a career oriented criminal who is caught up in corruption embezzlement of very huge sum of money and awaiting life sentencing, and for Binta Nyako herself in addition to all of these ugly evil wicked warms that is already hovering and eating up, her family circle, destroying the image and reputation of the merit less fake fraudulent expired Nigeria dared venture to fall into the corruption propaganda trap of her brother Mohammadu Buhari conflict of interest con artist game plane to bribe her with five hundred million naira corruption money in addition of guaranteed 24 hour security service protection as sealed secret settlement for her criminal husband freedom, in exchange for her Binta Nyako to use her position as justice of the law to fake guilty verdict against Nnamdi Kanu and the rest of the Biafran brothers and sentence Nnamdi Kanu to jail using Buhari's cooked up masqueraders. Masquerades are supposed to perform in culturally festivities, it is not so with Binta Nyako and her brother Mohammadu Buhari. She does what she likes with her court and runs it how ever way that it pleases her and it does not matter to her to use her court to play favoritism for her brother Mohammadu Buhari including bringing masqueraders that her brother bribed just as he bribed her with five hundred million naira to testify against Nnamdi Kanu as long as it gives her the lean way to sentence Nnamdi Kanu an innocent man who have committed no crime at all to serve life imprisonment jail term in exchange for her husband to gain freedom. How will Mrs. Binta Nyako really live with herself to see her husband walk as a free man on Nnamdi Kanu's freedom and the other Biafran brothers? and for Nnamdi Kanu and the other Biafran brothers to serve jail terms of life imprisonment on the embezzlement crime that her own husband Mr. Nyako committed? How does Binta Nyako think that she really will get away with this conflict of interest crime she and her brother Mohammadu Buhari committed against Nnamdi Kanu, the other Biafran brothers, the indigenous people of Biafra, and the society at large. Mrs. Binta Nyako is a disgrace, she should immediately remove herself or be removed and be ready to serve jail term. Binta Nyako is a cold calculated evil wicked woman from inside out. How can she rob from Peter to pay Paul. God has already vindicated Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the other Biafran brothers that her brother Mohammadu Buhari is holding in captivity!!!