The quest and hunger for the restoration of Biafra is due to the whole injustice, marginalization, constant persecution and killing of the Biafrans for the fun of it. It bewilders me how after all these continuous problems with Nigeria, now we are headed home for our safety, you still have some sugar mouthed Nigerians clamoring for the unity of the country that have never existed after hundred years.

Biafra is now blessed with leaders like Nnamdi Kanu who is paying the price for his leadership and foresight as to what this contraption called Nigeria is all about. Engineer Dr.Clifford Iroanya, Dr. Uche Mefor the legal teams and other volunteer officials of Biafra. These people have volunteered their countless and precious time for the benefit of Biafrans. They should be commended and given support and courage for the enormous tasks they have undertaken if not the least.

The old Biafran Chiefs and elders should please listen to these younger generations and stop being a stumbling block in their efforts. They are seeing what you are not seeing because they understand how the world works today. They know the predicaments you were in during and after the colonial post independence era. You then elders were more of pro-white foreign issues and materialistic that nothing of yours is appreciated. That belief now has very devastating negative effect on our present children who no longer speak their languages, even their parents and teachers are culprits to this unforgivable crime. We are headed to the lost tribes before our own eyes where even our culture is replaced by foreign cultures.

We Biafrans are our own greatest enemy. Why?

Nigeria does not want you have never wanted you after 100 years why will you Biafran Chiefs keep going to Buhari to ask for road construction and hopeless and meaningless appointments at the expense of your future, your children and grand children. Buhari came to complete his mission of (a) Kill you all. Is he not doing that today? (B) Render you economically useless? Check your businesses.(c) Steal your natural resources. He is doing that very well. Just signed gas pact with Morocco. This is your own gas. (D) Islamize you. Are you not killed inside your own churches? Your pastors killed and churches burnt down? (e) Take your own very land and farm lands right before your own eyes? What then are the herdsmen doing to your !and when they chase you away?

If you fail to understand the problems and the dangers now, wait until he completely gets his wish. You will have no say in anything and you will be enslaved forever. I know a foolish but highly educated fool will say that it will never happen because he failed to reason and see the dangers right before him because he thinks he is intelligent. That your intelligence means nothing to a cattle herdsman.

If the Hausa Fulanis know what they want which is your life and your wealth why then are some of you still hanging around BUHARI the killer? What will it take for you to rally around these Biafran energetic young leaders? Time and tide will not wait for you. Now you have been united better than ever, listen to Biafra Radio and read Biafra newspapers like the Biafra Telegraph, Times and the rest of them. Be well informed because knowledge is power.
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  1. when foolishness follows one to old age it remains with the person forever, our elders are well known educated fools who live in fools paradise.