An eagle eye on Nigeria situation is very sorry, shameful and pathetic. The world is watching as to what is becoming of Nigeria, a country that have never known peace and tranquility. Are the World Leaders and especially the much heralded Western Leaders and the United Nation body deep asleep as to the situation in Nigeria?

The Buhari murderous government was elected as a democratic President in 2015, the economy under President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was very sound and Nigeria was economically highly rated above South Africa when he took over. Now the situation is clearly unfolding that Nigeria's democracy is nothing but undemocratic in all phases of governmental grid and operation.

President Buhari have committed more atrocities close to that of Hitler that he deserves a date with the International court. What is stopping the world from bringing him to justice?



THE APC is the ruling and authorized party any other party is illegal. The aim is for one political party belonging to the Northern and Islamic agenda. Any APC member who is a criminal is now immuned from so called war on corruption. This is why all opposing guilty non APC parties are switching to APC party under Buhari. Eventually the end game is that this islamic party will have no opposition in introducing and all islamic Sharia law all over the country. The Judges and court system is gradually being dismantled under the guise of fighting corruption. He is fighting political opponents not corruption. After all, he is the most corrupt. Where are the recovered billions of Dollars and Pounds? You have money to pay Boko Haram and buy war machines but you do not have the money to pay your football players that brought honor to your country. You did not expect them to win? Even a goat can do better. SHAMELESS FACES.

He jailed Nnamdi Kanu the Leader of IPOB and other members and ensured that they are not released even after bail has been granted by a court of competent jurisdiction. Reason being that they exercised their freedom of speech and association. The main reason is that they are Biafrans

In Port Harcourt Buhari imprisoned a baby and her 19:year old mother for over a year now just for exercising her freedom of speech.
Shiite Leader of different Muslim faith survived assassination by Buhari and his military hench men while over 300 of his members were not so lucky. SINCE BUHARI ASSUMED OFFICE BLOOD BIRTH IS THE ORDER OF THE DAY. As of now, over 2000 young Biafrans have unwarrantedly lost their !Ives, countless numbers abducted, tortured, maimed with acid and killed.

The reasons are that they are Biafrans , Christians who with the help of Britain who stitched together a country out of 3 countries were defeated, enslaved, their rights and natural resources boldly stolen from them. These 3 countries have nothing in common language, custom and values are diametrically opposed. How in the world can this ethnic cleansing keep going on?

Biafrans have alerted the world about the atrocities being committed by BUHARI and his military and security apparatuses. The International watch dog agencies like the Amnesty international have confirmed all we have been saying about BUHARI and his undemocratic military regime.


He is the Boko Haram, he has defended them when JOHNATHAN was in power and vowed that he will defeat them once in power. Boko Haram is still active and once the Islamic caliphate is completed Boko Haram will stop to exist. Do not forget that he released thousands of them and they reintegrated in the army. He recently paid them over $50 million dollars ransom deal They are the ones that help kill Biafrans. The rest of them are gun toting Fulani Herdsmen beheading, destroying farmlands torching villages and churches.

It is beyond reasoning why Islamic countries which he signed Nigeria into are supplying him with arms and war planes while at the same time many are dying under his watchful eyes in the north without food and he is busy accumulating war machines to be used against Biafrans. Have the world stopped once to question why this man will station over 3 Divisions of his military in Biafra land while Boko Haram is running wild in the north? Why herdsmen and soldiers are killing innocent Biafran citizens just for the fun of it no arrests or questioning of the culprits just because they are FULANIS? Just few weeks ago four Fulanis who beheaded Bridget a Christian Biafran that have lived in their midst for over 33 years were set free by Islamic court over trumped up accusation of blaspheming Islam. This is somebody that have lived in your midst that you will consider a northerner? If they can do this to her and not even to give her simple justice, you added insult into injury by releasing the criminals and have the guts to acclaim for one Nigeria.
Whose one Nigeria under what reason or logic?

WE are waiting to see how the world body will handle BUHARI'S atrocities to mankind. We are waiting to see how logically the world leaders will continue to put illegal territorial integrity over human values. If these atrocities were taking place elswhere in Europe or Asia or non black African countries, what the reaction of the Western World and Leaders would have been. THESE CRIMES HAVE BEEN GOING ON NOW FOR TOO LONG AND NOTHING WILL STOP OUR SELF DETERMINATION DRIVE. NOT AFTER ALL THESE MALICIOUS MUDERS AND GENOCIDE.
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