Buhari and his Fulani invaders
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers
Expansionism is a disease, and many Fulani men and women, especially those in high places, are afflicted with the worst kinds of it. From careful observation, one can conveniently describe Fulani people as a people afflicted with the worst kind of expansionist mania out of any other group of people in the world.
They are so possessed of it that they will kill main any people, violate their culture and destroy their lands, just to steal their resources by force. That is why Buhari and Binta Nyako have taken Nigerian Judiciary to the gutters to get Nnamdi Kanu out of the way. They can sacrifice anything and any institution to get their way.
Kanu and his Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are the only institutions knowledgeable of what evil the Fulani represent, and what must be done to stop them. The other institution being sacrificed now is the Nigerian Army (which actually has become Fulani Islamic Expansionist Army). Right now they are trying to introduce grazing reserves in Army barracks, where they hope to train the next batch of Boko Haram members that would complete the task of full Islamization of Biafraland and the remaining parts of the so-called Southern Nigeria and middle-belt.
Lack of courage and foresight by the other peoples in the contraption called Nigeria has made it possible for the Fulani to have so far survived with this evil agenda since 18th century. That is why the vast Hausa land and population was taken over by the Fulani, while the Hausa played the fools. They did not only lose their lands, they also lost their Habbe House ruler-ship. On the other hand, that was why the Yoruba allowed themselves to be fooled by the Fulani until they lost their land Ilorin, and its environs. That was also why idiots like Yakubu Gowon and Theophilous Danjuma, were busy fighting for the Fulani against their own people; but thought they were fighting Biafra and Biafrans. Today the Fulani have completely taken over their land and have been butchering their people in hundreds – both in Southern Kaduna and the entire middle-belt – but they cannot raise a voice of protest because.
In the same way, the Fulani are waging their next war against Biafra and Biafraland. They are now very busy, and seriously, working to take over Biafraland and the remaining parts of Yoruba land, while Southern fools like Reverend Ejike Mbaka, Victor Umeh, and the governor of Enugu State (Ugwuanyi), are now going about playing the harlot to the Fulani.
The incomprehensible part of what is going on is that Biafrans, and the so-called people of the middle-belt and Southern Nigeria, who claim to be informed ancode d educated watched these things happen without responding accordingly. They play the harlot.
How foolish can people be?
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