■ Author: Prince Richmond C. Amadi
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ 
■ December 21, 2016

Dear Sir,

My attention has been drawn close to your media activities or should I say BBC (British Broadcasting Cooperation) operation pattern recently, and I found out that you have been biased in your services towards Biafra restoration under Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).
Despite making The Hausa Language as part of your services communication language, which has yielded more edge to users of the same language in Nigeria, you have subjected 'snub' tool as a way of treating Biafrans who are mainly dominated by Igbo speaking, people.

Since President Buhari's regime in Nigeria, Biafrans quest for their country's restoration has turned bloody due to inhuman treatments melted on peaceful IPOB protesters by Nigeria force yet your media organisation did not make any effort to cover the events or relay information IPOB media organisation always send forth to the public.
Sir Tony Hall, IPOB is not a criminal organisation nor terrorist platform. Snubbing activities and events of atrocities and killings melted on freedom fighters (Biafrans) in Nigeria, indirectly depicts that British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC) organisation is in support of the criminal activities carried out by Mohammed Buhari.

After my four months cordial consistent research, I have found that BBC as an organisation pays more attention to minor breakout events in Nigeria but intentionally ignore events that concerns Biafrans over killings, tortures, pogroms and illegal arrests by Nigeria Police, Soldiers and secret agents. It is unfair how you will allow such unfair injustice to be achieved under your watch as Director general of British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC)
I appeal if your tenure as Director of BBC had been bought over by Mohammed Buhari not to cover or relay events of atrocities against Biafrans, try as much not to also misinform people when other media organisations do that. Under media business, diluting and filtering information is against journalism ethics.

We Biafrans have come to the knowledge of misinformation done by BBC on Amnesty International Report of 150 IPOB peaceful protesters killed by Mohammed Buhari's agents. The same gap was created during USA November 8, 2016, the election where BBC was misinforming the general public with incorrect figures contrary to the electoral college and national election numbers. We honestly appeal for a stop to that. We are not begging for your bias coverage than just.

Recently, Britain (Brexit) had successful referendum votes to break from the European Union, no blood was spilt and no media altered information, but here you (BBC) are causing damages to Biafrans. Support the quest for restoration of Biafra and stop causing injuries.
Yours Sincerely,

Editor Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers
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