BIAFRA:Some months ago, a heartbreaking news, has it that an indigene of Okarki in Bayelsa State of Biafra Land, by name Izu Joseph, was deliberately shot dead by the Nigerian soldiers who claimed the victim was militant. Izu Joseph is a famous footballer, who known as a star player in the shooting star club of Nigeria. The death of Izu is a great loos, both to his family, community and his nation Biafra. The Nigerian soldiers have always been desperate to execute innocent Biafrans, at every given opportunity, because the death of Izu was deliberate. As we all know, the said militants, are based somewhere at the Creek, and this is the assertion that their claims based on militancy are false. According to eyewitnesses, reported on the gruesome way he was murdered, being specific that the deceased informed them wholesomely before he was shot. This has been the case, as Biafrans no longer live at ease in their own land. All nook and crannies are flooded with the terrorist who claimed to be soldiers. Apparently, soldiers are made for the barracks, not to be regularly seen on the streets, but in the contraption called Nigeria, soldiers appear to be doing the works meant for the police.
The tragic death of this young star, Izu Joseph should serve as an unforgettable lesson to all Biafrans serving the zoo, it confirms the words of our director Mazi Nnamdi Kanu "nothing good will ever come out from serving the Zoo, is either you come back disgraced, or they kill you. Is time for Biafrans to be wise. This has been the case, for many decades. Biafrans who are serving the contraption called Nigeria should be very prepared because their reward is awaiting them. The world must be put on notice, about the unrepentant behaviour of the Nigerian soldiers. Biafrans are peaceful people, and we don't understand, reasons for soldiers armed to the teeth, should be the parade around our communities. If really they are the militants, they should stop pretending not to know their base, and face them boldly.
Biafrans have been marginalised and subjugated into living in an undegraded environment in our own fatherland, no real infrastructure, no good roads, no electricity, no good Medical Centers, we have rivers but can't access the sea through our ports.Biafrans are one of the most loving people you can see on this planet earth, regarding our instinct values for human lives and our believes that nothing is worth shedding human blood, while the streets have been soaked with the blood of this innocent and loving people by Nigerian armed men for exercising their God-given right to self-determination which is backed by UN charter law.
Leader of the indigenous people of Biafra a prisoner of conscience has been in detention since 14th of October 2015 for no just reason despite being granted bail by a court of competent jurisdiction but refused to be released by dictator Buhari and his DSS errand boys hence he believed to be above the law and has no regards for rule of law. The killers of Izu Joseph are walking around freely searching for another Biafran to kill brutally because they know the weight of the law can't fall on them as they are on a mission to exterminate Biafrans both in Biafra land and outside Biafra land and they are fully back by Buhari led administration. Our home is no longer a safe haven it use to be as they invade our houses and farmlands kill us with a kind of brutality that is beyond human explanations, rape our little girls, sisters, wives, old aged mothers destroy our crops hence bringing hunger to us all in disguise of herdsmen, and when we go to their own land they kill us in our high numbers destroy our properties through Boko Haram, we can't sleep at night with both eyes closed because we now live in fear of our lives and properties. This act of wickedness is being committed by a government that ought to care for the well-being of her citizens.
Biafrans believed hopefully well that the world as a whole are listening and we also believe in justice and equity. The superb negligence of the killers of Izu Joseph is, as a matter of fact, an act of nepotism towards the Biafrans. We seek for justice because we are not animals. Though animals are well respected than Biafrans. We only ask for freedom, and this has proven once again, that we are not one. If the world refuses to address this issue, it means Biafrans worth nothing to them. In that case, we are entitled to self-defence. The world should not forget, that we still have rights to live, so, therefore, we shouldn't seem to be prey in the hands of the Nigerian government.

By Chimezie Chigozie
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers
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