BIAFRA: The Nigerian government has failed to understand and diplomatically, realise that Biafrans are more determined to divide this forceful and unholy marriage, between us and the blood sucking demons of Northern caliphate, than those visionless hoodlums, in the contraption, who claims to die instead of allowing the exit of Biafrans from the zoo called Nigeria. The president of the contraption has declared himself a dead working corpse, because he has chosen to die, instead of him to let go of Biafrans. But we assure him that he should strat arranging his funeral because our quest remains to get BIAFRA.

Biafrans must remember that the restoration of Biafra is the responsibility of all lovers of freedom and people of good will. Each and every one of us has a role to play, it may be very minor or it may look less important, but collectively it will deliver our quest which is to restore the kingdom of Chiukwu Okike Ahbiama. We the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB have come to make sure that Biafra is restored in truth and all honesty. We seek our freedom, we're looking for for the exit of light from darkness, we're looking for for the exit of the kingdom of Chiukwu-Okike-Ahbiama on earth. We ask for the exit of Biafra, from this evil contraption.

We must make sure that the restoration of God's own kingdom is accomplished. Our quest is Biafra, IPOB has not come to be purchased, to be bribed or to play Nigeria politics, we have not come so that our attention may be diverted, we have not come to seek to be the president of Nigeria, but we have come to find and make sure that Biafra is restored. We have arrived, to accomplish the desire of those who gallantly fought, for our freedom, we have arrived to finish the unfinished business of our fathers who were massacred in cold blood. We have arrived, to end the lies of the British government. We have come to bring Nigeria to their knees. We have come to destroy this evil epistle of Lugard and his wife.
We have been made to face sufferings and pains in Nigeria, our people are dying on a daily basis. Our question to those seeking for crumbs using Biafra as advantages are;
Are you aware of the fact that our villages are all covered in waste bin? Do you know that our towns and cities are more or fewer dustbins, are you conscious of that? Are you conscious of the fact that our people are dying of curable diseases because there is no hospital to treat them? Are you mindful of the fact that we are being massacred and buried in a mass grave with nobody even talking about it? Are you mindful of the fact that Igbo business premises are being burnt down and demolished in Lagos and other parts of the North, while the Lagos government rebuilds the same shops and increase the rent in triple or even quadruple times?

Are you aware of all these things? Are you also aware that the dwindling value of the naira means that our brothers can no longer import goods? Are you mindful of the fact that there is no easy road in Biafra Land? Are you aware there is no federal government presence in Biafra Land? Are you also aware that the youths are jobless because no company in Biafra Land employs more than 50 people! Are you mindful of the fact that there is no electricity? We are living in darkness and with the help of lamps and touches. Are you even aware that they are Islamizing us?
Are you mindful of the fact that our people are all running away from Biafra Land to make a living? Are you even aware that FULANI HERDSMEN/BOKO HARAM are killing us in our own houses and destroying our farm crops? Are you aware that BUHARI HAS SWORN OVER HIS DEAD BODY "THAT THERE WILL BE NO BIAFRA?" Are you also aware that BUHARI ALSO SWORE NEVER TO RELEASE OUR LEADER Mazi Nnamdi Kanu? Are you also aware that ALHAJI ABUBAKAR TSAV openly said that Nnamdi Kanu deserves death and that those killed in Biafra agitation deserves death too?

Are you even mindful of the fact that the "2014 Sovereign National Conference" by Dr Goodluck Jonathan has been thrown into the dustbin by BUHARI? Are you even mindful of the fact that Buhari is supporting a free Palestinian state? Are you also aware that Buhari is openly backing Western Sahara/Sahrawi Arab Republic (SADR) on self-determination? Are you aware of all these things and you are still keeping quiet? We have done no wrong to anybody. We are only seeking to go back to our land and develop it by ourselves. The time has come for us to be free, the time has come for us to work for our freedom. "The time has indeed come for Biafra, and "BIAFRA REMAINS OUR QUEST".

By Ihekechukwu Okoronkwo
Editor Onyechere Ugochinyere
For Umuchiukwu writers.
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