BIAFRA: The right of nations to self-determination is a cardinal principle of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article fifteen states that "everyone has the right to a nationality". The Nigerian military has once again, relaunches another formula to completely exterminate Biafrans, in operation tagged "OPERATION PYTHON DANCE". This recent development has caused coercion in the Southern part, which is the present day Biafra Land. It quite unfortunate, that after the exposure of the unacceptable manner of which the Nigerian army massacred innocent Biafrans by the Amnesty International, that these uneducated bunch of illiterates, has emerged with a greater treat.

I want to remind the international Communities that the right to self-determination is an integral element of basic human rights, and fundamental freedoms. It is only through the realisation of this very fundamental right of people to determine, with no compulsions or coercion, their own future, political status and independence that the world can begin to address other rights, such as dignity, justice, progress and equity. The International Communities mustn't forget so quickly that the very good was imbibed into the UN charter law to self-determination.
Even with this illustration, Biafrans were stripped off this right to determine their own fate, due either to military clampdowns, aggression, Occupations or exploitation of foreign power to the citizens of Biafra. Emphasising on these issues, the respect of Self-determination is a precondition for no other enjoyment of other human rights, and no other right could be fully enjoyed without it. My worst amazement is based on the fact that the Nigerian government has become so ignorant to know that they are signatory to that very law.

Biafrans were deprived of this right and were also extra-judiciary massacred during the civil war which sprung up at the late 1960s between the defenceless Biafrans and the fully armed contraption called Nigeria. The world as a whole has deliberately ignored the Universally recognised International Bill of Human Rights as well as all aspects of the International and Humanitarian law, for more than fifty decades. Since the war was halted, no atom of justice, for those who were utterly wasted and those who were deprived of their originality with the use of arms.

Anyone speaking of One United Nigeria, as insane as never imagined. Speaking of one unitary nonsense Nigeria, while still engaging in its destruction of lives and properties of those agitating for a Sovereign State of Biafra, makes a great mockery of the International Community's support for the United States of Biafra, as prior to the law, backing up this right to self-determination, and also, obstructing peace and security of innocent lives of Biafrans. We are only agitating for our rights, and we are entitled to them. Anticipating on the issue of beckoning, or sensitising to keep a failed state called Nigeria one, is only saying that the United Nation's declarations of the rights of the Indigenous People are null and void. This is the only situation that can grant such nonsensical decision.
Let's remind the world once more, that right to self-determination belongs to all, and doesn't come after negotiations. The United Nations and Decolonization in the charter of the United Nations to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights. All people have the right to self-determination by virtue and obligations of that right. No need to tell the Nigerian military to abort their already planned operations, but we must remind them again that we are also entitled to live. Fundamentally, we have the right to defend ourselves, because we already knew that they are out for a religious war.

We are the Indigenous People Of Biafra, and every meaningful being should be aware that we have every right to live as a people. We have decided to leave the already expired contraption called Nigeria, and we have no intention to abort such decision, not after losing more that six million people to the cold arm of death caused by the military clampdown. We have every right beyond reasonable doubt to take what rightfully belong to us. We are not terrorists. If Nigeria is not above this law, then we are automatically justified to exercise our rights. Since they are not, the International Communities should not hesitate to caution the illiterate president because we assume he has no clue of his actions.
Our only quest is Biafra, nothing more or less.

Ugochinyere Onyechere
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers.
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