BIAFRA: So many people has been on the side of being inquisitive, asking when will the hardship rocking Nigeria economy and Nigerians will end or to be reduced to a bearable minimum but no APC member has come out to address when the pains, tears and death inflicted by Buhari and co-party members. Is not news anymore that Nigeria minister of agriculture has predicted famine to rock Nigerians from January 2017.
To add to the tearing hunger in the country, Buhari yet directed all network service providers in Nigeria to increase their #1,000 data bundle subscription to #3,000 (which were suppose to take effect from 1st of December 2016) as another medium to make the hunger to deepen but is unfortunate that House of Assembly intersected and rescued Nigerians from the said evil plan of Buhari.

According to the investigation carried out by IPOB, it appears that subjecting Nigerians to hunger will make it easy for APC to lure poor Nigerians to polling units with a little amount of money. And IPOB disclosed that such strategy is not different from the same strategy of hunger strive Yakubu Gowon used during Biafra-Nigeria Civil War of 1967 - 1970. It is a military and autocratic approach which is always adopted silently against innocent people.
Using just concluded elections that took place in Edo and Ondo States respectively as an example, it turns out that there were poor electorates that participated during the Just concluded elections. Even in the presence of violence, the turned out voters could not move an inch, they were hoping to fulfil the agreement bargained (which has to do with per thumbprint to #5000 agreement). Observers in just concluded Edo State election decried the use of Money to lure electors during election instead of allowing them to exercise their electoral franchise.

The fight against PDP as opposition party by APC is to reduce them to a level where they can not fit into lure electors during the election. Arresting PDP prominent members, freezing PDP members Bank accounts, instituting disunity between party members (in the form of the court hearing, etc.) has been ways APC planned to bring PDP to a weak point. All these are all military strategies.

Biafrans are too big for such process of governance. We want our own country, and that is the restoration of Biafra. One Nigeria is a scam, and we are tired of the deceits since 1914. We can not be in a country where citizens are used as political tool to gain political office, despite the impacts. Buhari subjected Nigerians into terrible hunger just to make them slaves for elections. Buhari should grant Nnamdi Kanu his freedom or risk revolution.

By Prince Richmond C. Amadi
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers
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