Wonders shall never end when the citizens of Biafra are being ill advised by no other than  Governor OKOROCHA of IMO state.  Mr. OKOROCHA failed to show how the BIAFRANS are provoking the Northern bread suppliers from the north to Biafra land.  Mr. OKOROCHA  please move back to the north and go and live with your Boko Haram Fulani brothers.  You should stop insulting BIAFRANS because you have done that too many times and enough is enough.

Your blood thirsty brothers have committed a lot of attrocities right here under your nose and watchful eyes without any condemnation of their attrocities towards Biafrans from you because you are one of their leaders posing as a Governor.  What a reasonable person after participating in the killings of innocent citizens they are supposed to protect or you in particular without any shame will advise the Biafrans not to continue provoking the North or else the food and meat supply will disappear and we will all die.  THIS IS AN IRRATIONAL THINKING AND INDICATIVE OF SOMEBODY WHO IS OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY.

Mr. OKOROCHA may you tell us who is provoking who?  Who is occupying Biafra land, who is shooting unarmed defensteless Biafrans?  Who is destroying farms in Biafra land, beheaded rape and chase the villagers away?  Who is burning churches, imprison Biafrans and their leaders for expressing their God given opinion?  Who is stealing the wealth of Biafrans and leave them with nothing?  Who are the ones mounting road blocks every 5 miles all-over Biafra land collecting illegal tolls and confiscating items and foods from Biafra and still deny us of the right to speak up  against CENTURY OF PROVOCATIONS.  Having pointed out just some of you and your Fulani brothers provocations against BIAFRANS, we question you to tell the world not Biafrans how we are provoking your brothers.

MESSENGER OF DEATH MR. OKOROCHA, we will not die of hunger because we can be agriculturally effecient and effective as soon as you and your blood thirsty brothers get out of Biafra and who told you that Biafra can not produce meat?  We have rivers and can survive on fish until beaf becomes plentiful.  Nation building starts from good and strong foundation. Your fear mongering is baseless and as a matter of fact will have devastating impact on your brothers when they will have to eat their own cow and whatever they produce.  Countries trade too.  So Mr. OKOROCHA do your homework before speaking

Our provocations to the North is only that we asked to be left alone and stop killing us.  If this is the provocation then the killing will not stop because you are blood thirsty and want something else to kill and drink the blood other than the cows are BIAFRANS AND NOTHING ELSE BUT BIAFRANS.  We will continue with the provocation if all we want is to be left alone.
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