Hope the world can see what Yoruba and their Awusa Foolani masters have done again. The Zoo Nigeria have opened another front in their war against IPOB by feeding false information to the world renowned AFP news syndicate group that Yoruba terrorist allegedly caught trying to blow up Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos Yorubaland is Igbo.

Those Igbo people that foolishly talk about one Nigeria can you see the evil your association with Awusa Foolani Yoruba evil people are causing us?  Can you see how they are trying to tarnish the image of IPOB in order to justify secret trial for Nnamdi Kanu. Biafrans should wake up to this dastardly plot by the mad man Buhari, this horrible lie called news being peddled by AFP.

IPOB should watch out for such lies in the future and send a strongly worded rebuttal to AFP to withdraw this lie against Biafrans. We are not terrorists, Awusa Foolani and Yoruba people are the Islamic terrorists not Biafrans who are not Muslims.

Nigerian police say they have foiled a separatist attack to bomb Lagos bridge

Ismail Akwei with AFP
Nigerian police said on Wednesday that it had foiled a bomb attack on one of the main bridges in the economic capital, Lagos, planted by a separatist group.
Police spokesman Don Awunah said in a statement that the target was the Mainland Bridge linking the island’s business district with the rest of the metropolis.

“After a long and difficult surveillance, the main suspect, Abiodun Amos, alias Senti, leader of the group trying to bomb the Mainland Bridge in Lagos, was arrested on November 2, 2016 with two AK-47 assault rifles,” he said.

“The main suspect is an Igbo, a native of the Ese Odo region of Ondo State. He is an expert in explosives, a specialist in the manufacture of large scale explosive devices for terrorist purposes,” the police spokesperson said.
The leader of the Igbo separatist group provided information leading to the confiscation of two cartons of explosives and 125 detonators in the trunk of a car ready to be driven towards the bridge, the police explained.

Source: http://www.africanews.com/2016/12/29/nigerian-police-say-they-have-foiled-a-biafran-separatist-attack/
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