■ Author: Ugochinyere Onyechere
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ 
■ December 28, 2016
The undefined characteristics of the supposed trained soldiers of the contraption called Nigeria is a shred of evidence confidentially proving us right, while we reject the, and we deployment of security forces to Biafra Land. On the contrary, what has soldiers to do in a peaceful street, where there is no any signal for war or any form of violence? Soldiers were meant to work while on the battlefield, not the streets. Should in case there should be the need for that, why in a calm and most safe place in the geopolitical zones amalgamated into Nigeria? The Nigerian government, unabatedly, has sequentially declared an unannounced war against Biafrans, pretending to secure the area. Of what reasons have they to justify the Islamize Biafrans, and mount off roadblocks in the streets of Biafra?
Considering the daily attacks and bombings in the northern part of the contraption called Nigeria, do you think the Nigerian soldier should have moved down to a peaceful place like Biafra land? Comparing the north part of the contraption called Nigeria and the blessed land of Biafra, where do you think needs the help of security more? In essence, there is every tendency that the government have concluded plans of another big round of genocide against Biafrans. The concept of safety gives room to the security of lives and properties. What has been happening in Biafra land under the guise of the so-called military operation? What has become of the people of Biafrans amidst the massive deployment of the so-called Nigerian soldiers?
The recent happenings in Biafra Land have become connote, and we cannot condone any such act. Biafra land has been categorised as a Christian state, therefore has no interest in any act of Islam. In this case, what crime should be defended if the people of Biafra have collectively decided to leave an Islami state like Nigeria? Of what purpose must we be made to remain in a country where peace and harmony ceased to exist, due to the divergence of religions and beliefs? Of what purpose should we be heavily eluded by the presence of military operations, while a place like the northern part of the contraption has experienced one? It's so unprofessional to for the chief of army staff, Gen Buruitai to give room for such unnecessary move, whilst his community in Maiduguri is under the leadership of the dreadful Boko Haram government.

It's so hypocritical for ordinary civilians to have taken over some parts of the north, while the soldiers who were supposed to act on behalf of the contraption are being flun to other countries to learn on how to set cattle ranches. Eventually, this mindset is to take over our land, in the long term planed Islamization of Africa, as planned by OYC some decades. The dual ideological preeminence in Nigeria is an indication to clarify the fact that Nigeria is not, and will not be one. The Islamization agenda of the OYC has been in the process to turn Christians to a Caliphate. I hope we are aware that the geopolitical structure we have today, mainly in Biafra Land, was not designed by any Nigerian government? I hope we know no law or Constitution is backing it? I hope we are aware that there is no constituent assembly or any constitutional seeking or by any referendum to legalise the action? It was designed to divide us and Islamize Biafrans unapologetically. These have been the planned staged for a long time, only manifesting now, to the glory of Islamization.
Deployment of troops, to Biafra Land, has been at stake, for a long time, mostly by the unexpectedly sprang up of the agitation of Biafra, recently by the Indigenous People of Biafra, under the leadership Of Nnamdi Kanu. The Nigerian government have been desperate to kill and maim innocent Biafrans at all cost. Why will they kill us in our land, even without killing or committing any crime, other than seeking for the total emancipation of Biafra? What can be justifiably conote to the non-judicial killing and incarceration of people who only asked for freedom in the most peaceful way than imagined? Biafrans are friendly people. We are disciplined and acculturated in all ramifications. Soldiers are deployed to our land, only to extort money from the poor masses, amidst the hard condition we are going through at the time of such recession process in the country. News has it that the mounted road blocks in Biafra Land provide them billions on a daily basis. These cowards claim to have come to maintain laws and orders, while Fulani Herdsmen are raiding our villages, without any for of prosecution, or fast motion towards that.
The Nigerian government have deployed these monsters, to kill us, to main and definitely, to maltreat us. So many operations have been declared, to extinct Biafrans, to scare us away to have their ways into our land. Security consciousness is more better than the so called operations declared. The Nigerian government have automatically, turned their soldiers into beggers, they have mounted checking points on all major roads in Biafra Land. Taking not less than thirty minutes drive, there is no less than Five checkpoints, where money is being extorted from poor people, before allowing them passage, while there is every tendency for casualties, should in case you don't have the money. This is the extent of their professional security effects. Biafrans are the most modern and peaceful people. We do not require any form of security because we are not violent in nature. Watch every bit of protests, we only have our flag and placards. We are not sentimental, rather we only seek for the rightful inheritance of the people of Biafra.

Editor Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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