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■ December 20, 2016

A stubborn fly goes down into the grave with the corpse. The sacrilege committed by the President of the Islamic Republic of the contraption called Nigeria, child rapist, terrorist and dictator Muhammadu Buhari, against Biafrans is uncountable. Yet, he has summoned the courage of visiting the land of the same people he committed the crime against.The greatest isolated character. Incredibly, this dictator might not realise what he is doing, until he finds himself in the grave. You killed a whole lot of innocent souls, men, women, infants and young. You happily destroyed their right, their hope, and their future. You consciously committed these sacrileges against humanity and the alright creator, yet you have every effrontery to think of coming down to our land. What an act of humiliation! This hoodlum has no shame, he has no remorse nor any atom of repentance regarding what he has done, and is still doing till date, to innocent citizens Biafrans.
Muhammadu Buhari is not a human being with blood and flesh. He is unapologetic in all ramifications seems no human sympathy. It's true that he has the blood of a dictator inside of him, and he is the worst tyrant president that have ever lived. After the may 2015 general election, which partially qualified him as a president of the contraption called Nigeria, this illiterate have never for once visited Biafra land. Reasons being that Biafrans gave him 5% vote.

I hope in his entitled to vote according to his or her choice, in a democratic system of government. If really so, I believe Muhammadu Buhari is indeed insane for such analysis. Right from the inception, of the existence of the contraption called Nigeria, Biafrans are always tagged minorities. Muhammadu Buhari has been the motive of killing Biafrans in every way imaginable. Today, Buhari have confirmed his visit to our land. Abomination! There is everything wrong with that visit. Biafrans are always victim of this genocide. We are not allowing him To step his filthy foot into our land, because he has molested, humiliated, and subjugated us enough.
A tyrant like Buhari shouldn't be allowed entrance to our in. Buhari killed us, in millions, during the Civil war/genocide against the defenceless Biafrans. Not only that, he proceeded into killing us in this his new Era, till date. Before his ascension into the office of a president, he vowed to kill more Biafrans the same way he did during the war, to maintain one useless Nigeria. Buhari has been fulfilling this promise, on several occasions. Instances relate on the 30th day of August 2015, on the 1st day of December 2015, the 1ith day of January 2016, the 9th of February 2016. This depends on the capacity I could remember. Mind you; Biafrans have been frustrated, kidnap, and killed secretly by the Nigerian military Operandi. Thousands were illegally detained, for months without trial in the court, for justice to take its course. Buhari on the above dates committed the worst sacrilege against Biafrans and in the sight of humanity. He sent forth his soldiers to teargas and shot live bullets on innocent peaceful protesters, till date, no sympathetic feeling to engage into dialogue, prosecute himself. Buhari on the 14th day of October 2015, arrested the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, mazi Nnamdi Kanu. At some point in time, he agreed to have detained him, after some days, before arraignment to the court. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has committed no crime, rather he only seek for the freedom of his people. Self-determination was ascribed to become treasonous in the Nigerian court. He is without such humiliating crime, without any atom of evidence. To make matters worse, Buhari publicly sworn that Nnamdi Kanu can never be released, despite orders from the court, permitting him to be released unconditionally.

Afterwards, he went against all good conscious judges in the judiciary, only to assign her corrupt sister, Binta Nyako, who has no other choice, but to dance to his tune, to save her evil family, therefore bent on jailing Nnamdi Kanu, via secret trial. Recall, that ever since Muhammadu Buhari resumed office as a president, he has released not less than two hundred Boko Haram prisoners, even if they committed murder. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu did not loot, kill nor steal. But he has been unjustifiably charged with treason. Goodness! After all these dirty records, Buhari still has liver to step his foot into our land. If I must tell you, Biafra land is a land that condones no evil. Biafrans cherish lives, more than anything you can think on earth. This is the reason, we call a human being, (MMA NKE NDU), which means (the beauty of life). For a murderer to converge into our land and walk freely, justifies us to be cowards, of which we aren't. Buhari has no moral right to be in our land. Although the Nigerian military has taken over our land, therefore signifying that operation python dance in disguise, have commenced effectively. He has scheduled this visit, only to provoke us. Buhari cannot have our brothers and sisters in prison, and summoned the impetus to storm Biafra land. We totally disagree on such humiliation.

If Buhari in any way, cares of visiting our land, he must pay back all his depth to Biafrans. Which includes reviving back those he killed, and releasing those he have in his prison custody. In absence of these paybacks, he should forget about the visit, because we shall do everything possible to stop him. We do not share our land with any uncircumcised hoodlum, talk less of a.dictator and murderer of his rank. It's a pity that some irrelevant fellow who are parading themselves as politicians in Biafra Land have become the problems of Biafrans. The same mediocre that killed your people in mass has become your guest. This is the greatest height of injustice. How do you expect us to feel? Some politicians in our region need to be stored to death. What have we benefited from this dictator, if not death, agony, depression, subjugation, dictatorship and ill treatments? Why should he be invited to our land, wth all impunity? We boldly say no to such move, until justice is given to those he killed.

You can't kill us publicly and also come to mourn us. That's the hypocrisy of the highest order. Hence he's the killer of our people; we cannot condone his dirty legacies because we have totally disagreed to be humiliated in such gruesome manner. Biafra land is different from the north, so therefore he should abort every idea of visiting our land or be prepared to get his payback as soon as he arrives.

Editor Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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  1. This is really very testy indeed! A man that has no credibility at all! A man who has contributed for the killings of so millions of Biafrans from the past years to the present? This is the same man that Barrack Hussein Obama president of the United State of America, and David Cameron former UK prime minister put there to be present of any country? A killer of millions of Biafran souls? A man that has no value what so ever for the life of any Biafran? And now this bastard lunatic Hausa-Fulani man has the audacity to dare visit and walk on the land of the people that he murdered millions of them? There is a limit to which people can be pushed! By the way, how long will these useless worthless governors in Biafra land be walking around? Hope these useless worthless governors know that they are bringing a man to walk on the grave of the millions of Biafrans he murdered? These shameless governors, Barrack Hussein Obama and David Cameron are the reason why the Western world think that Africans are fools! How laughable it is that a man who killed millions of Biafrans, ordered the illegal arrest of the leader of Nnamdi Kanu, and other Biafran freedom fighting heros is coming to visit the land of the very same people he has committed so much atrocities against? Hell no! Buhari is not welcomed in Biafra land at all! Buhari is a sin and a bad memory!!!