■ Author: By Ojani Chimezie Chigozie
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ 
■ December 21, 2016
Visiting plant you polluted with their blood, kill their sons, daughters, brothers and sisters, incarcerated hundreds and thousands of them, giving five percent to their region as you promised, IS INSANITY. Human in Igbo means MMA (Ndu) which is "beauty of life". Biafrans value human life more than anything you can think of. They are people that regard human life and believe that nothing is worth taking the life of a person.
The kind of cruelty melted on Biafrans by General Buhari is an abomination before Chiukwu Okike Ahbiama (God) and mother-earth. We demand Gen. Buhari to steer clear our land, his visit to Biafra land is a mockery to those living mourning their dead and a dishonour to the dead as their killer is walking on Biafra soil freely without any form of remorse. You can't illegally detain our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and scores of innocent Biafrans in different prisons across the nation with no fair trial, and Biafrans locked up in prisons under your orders must be released unconditionally before having thoughts of visiting Biafra land.
The voices of the blood of innocent Biafrans spilt like that of animals have been heard by their creator, we counsel General Buhari to abort this journey that may turn into a trip of no return by ChukwuOkikeAbiama (God) the Biafrans worship in truth and spirit. General Buhari has sown the seed of agony, pains and misery into the lives of Biafrans, you can't sow the seed of wickedness and expect love in return, THAT'S HYPOCRISY. General Buhari must reap the seed he has planted.
General Buhari and all Nigerian politicians are murderers, General buhari's visit to Biafra land is nothing but a plot to kill more Biafrans and bribe the likes of Chris Ngige that lacks the moral conscience. There comes the point when one see life as nothing Biafrans have been dragged to that point by General Buhari, In as much as Biafrans values life we are determined not to let the killer of our innocent brothers and sisters step foot into our land and leave alive, such insult can be done to memory of our beloved dead ones. At this point General Buhari has two options to come and die with us or to steer clear of our land and live, Biafrans wish you will come and witness death as our people has done.
Editor Ugochinyere Onyechere, For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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