BIAFRA:For Nigeria-British (British Broadcasting Corporation) to suggest launching the Igbo Language as part of their TV-Radio Program package or dislodging South-East Senators and Governors to visit Dr Nnamdi Kanu in prison either to discourage him to one Nigeria one-hundred-years philosophy is dangerous and should be discouraged and discarded. If Nigeria takes time to look into long-term benefits of the quest for Biafra restoration by Biafrans, it will be of great importance.

Come to think of it, what will Biafrans gain when British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC) adds the Igbo language as part of BBC Radio/TV presentation languages? Of cause, the plans therein will end up separating Biafrans within themselves and their Ethnic boundaries just the way Nigeria is being recognised internationally as The Hausa language is dominantly used by BBC to broadcast into Nigeria before various Ethnic groups with their social-cultural dialects. Biafrans under the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) of Dr Nnamdi Kanu leadership is too smart for Buhari-British Childish plans and strategies within the noticed objectives.
In the other hand, using South-East Senators and Governors to preclude Dr Nnamdi Kanu's decision (leader of IPOB) just to lure him into paddle-down over Biafrans ultimate goal (restoration of Biafra) is a promised-to-loose business because Kanu is under a divine assignment. Neither here or there, no wise avenue made available by British-Nigeria plans for Biafrans to enjoin and to key in than restoration of Biafra

Nigeria stands a chance to gain more at the long-term if Biafra secedes. We have recently witnessed various atrocities turning out in this country which has presently subjected Nigeria as 'state of no real testimonies'. Is no longer a rumour that the cycle of Nigeria economy is revolving within Recession - Inflexion - Hardship - Hunger - famine. Is a straight chain that controls the present administration of British-Buhari and it's still counting more regrets in their numbers. Four days ago, a young-bright-future seven (7) years boy was intentionally and wickedly tortured, burnt and killed by some Vampires in Yoruba of Lagos origin on a reason that he, the young boy indulged in taping habit, which led him to pick a blue bound tin measurable cup of "Garri" (African food). All these is bolted within some known and unknown forces. In this vain, known forces are controllable, and unknown forces are uncontrollable.

Looking into known forces, incompetency within leaders, Witch-hunting, torturing, murdering and killings of perceived enemies by Religious (Islamic) leaders (commonly caused by herdsmen, Boko Haram atrocities), regional greediness (Northern leaders embedding political powers as part of their life, ethnicity dispute, disunity (Northerners seeing others as their enemies, neglect to include others in national sensitive matters (Northerners taking over all aspects of public offices etc), leadership dominance, transferred hatred, lack of ancestral trace, no standard value both in culture, belief, No central dialect, discord in nationality (Nigeria is being created, is not naturally instituted), citizenship preference, citizenship classification (leaders always seeing themselves as superiors and number one and threat before its citizens), abuse and disrespect to Human Rights (killing and torturing innocent citizens unconstitutionally, leadership style and government style of practice (autocracy or democracy).

Virtually, all those above agreeably is controllable if particular attention will be given to them then applying what worth not. In long-term, Nigeria and Biafra can end up becoming real alliance to poverty alleviation and technological upgrading in Africa. The religious clash will stop, there will be competition economically, give room to Northerners to appreciate independence provision than depending on others to live. And the known forces facing today's government will decline drastically to zero points. Encourage Biafra and Biafrans to go. Release Dr Nnamdi Kanu and other IPOB members in illegal detention, failure to that prove more wrong messages all day long in Nigeria.

By Prince Richmond C. Amadi
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers
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