BIAFRA: It is popularly and widely said that nothing is hidden from the sun. This adage goes to you Justice Binta Iyanko. The indigenous people of Biafra and the international communities are watching you. We are rightly informed and have also confirmed that President Mohammadu Buhari is pressurising and persuading you to deny Mazi Nnamdi Kanu bail on the 1st of Dec. This will amount to doom and disgrace to your profession.

This act will dent your image and that of your family. Dec 1st is a day you are to be tested, and it is a day to prove to the whole world that you are not doing the will of President Mohammadu Buhari who is going around intimidating judges that don't want to compromise their integrity.You either choose to keep your dignity as a judge or go ahead to please Mohammadu Buhari and get the worst disgrace and shame of your life just like your colleague and fellow judge Justice John Tsoho who tried all he could to please his master President Mohammadu Buhari and today the name Justice John Tsoho is a calamity and abomination to the international communities and in Africa as a whole .

Let me remind you Justice Binta, I believe you are widely read and as a judge in the court in Nigeria you should know that self-determination is enshrined in the United Nation Charter of right of indigenous people and it is also enacted in the Nigerian constitution, therefore, do the right thing, uphold the sacristy of the judiciary and grant bail to Nnamdi Kanu.

I bid you Justice Binta Nyanko to make the right decision now, follow the right step of Justice Adeniyi Ademola who on 17th March 2015 struck out the charges against Mr Nnamdi Kanu and also granted him immediate and unconditional release because he is an innocent man.
Same thing goes to Justice Shuaibu Usman who on 16th Dec 2015 also dismissed all charges against Mr Nnamdi Kanu because he found him innocent.
You should also emulate the wise decision made by Justice Ahmed Mohammed of federal high court Abuja who also on 23rd excused himself from treasonous charges brought to him by DSS due to President Mohammadu Buhari's interference in Nnamdi Kanu's case

Justice Binta It will be nice if you can educate President Mohammadu Buhari on the difference between self-determination and treason. Nnamdi Kanu is not interested in the Nigerian Government; he is only requesting for the right of the indigenous people of Biafra. This is about fundamental rights such as self-determination and local democracy.

Every area/region where the majority is for independence should get it. And any attempt of denying Nnamdi Kanu bail come 1st of Dec is tyrannical, oppressive and cannot be tolerated. Nnamdi Kanu has not committed any crime, and you should also be aware of this that you are being put to the test. So it is your choice to either uphold your dignity and save the already decayed Nigerian Judiciary by President Mohammadu Buhari.
Justice Binta, the ball is in your court now do the right thing now!

Written by Lucky ike
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu writers
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