BIAFRA:This is what we know will happen in the dying days of Nigeria. 
The One Nigerianists are actively promoting Uwazuruike and massob because they know he can easily be bought over and compromised as he has done in the past and will continue to do all his life. A man who is poor both in the physical and spirit can never successfully lead a movement of freedom fighters. He will always be easily sidetracked by material things because the acquisition of wealth is his motivation. That is the difference between then and now.

We counter such nonsensical articles by just asking these paid mercenaries with a laptop, why was it Uwazuruike never took Biafra to the present heights Nnamdi Kanu and his officers managed to achieve without any financial support from politicians or businesspeople be it local or international, at such short interval? Where were massob all these years to infuse the die hard spirit in our people until IPOB came along?
Did Uwazuruike fund Radio Biafra in April 2012? The answer is capital NO.

Was it not the same Uwazuruike that told his members that he only funded Radio Biafra for three months between April and June only of 2009?
How can somebody who supported Radio Biafra for only three months in 2009 now want to be associated with the worldwide success we have achieved in 2016?
These criminals want to claim ownership of Radio Biafra in 2016 that was founded and funded in April 2012 by Nnamdi Kanu, Uche Mefor and Barrister Emma Nmezu? These three individuals built the phenomenal Radio Biafra we know today.
People seeking to cash in on the popularity of Radio Biafra, made possible by Nnamdi Kanu's visionary leadership of IPOB, to obtain financial gain or political patronage from Buhari Islamic government are doomed to fail. They should research the ideology that propels this IPOB movement before embarking on a mission that will only bring them further public ridicule.

At IPOB we always win every battle we find ourselves. In this fight with Buhari's murderous Nigeria DSD, Army, Police, etc. there is bound to be only one winner and that will be IPOB.
As long as the blessed womb of our mothers in Biafraland give birth to Biafrans, we shall continue to die for this Kingdom of God on earth we know as Biafra until Nigeria runs out of bullets or our mothers stop giving birth to children who are impossible. It is a clear evident for all to see that IPOB will either get Biafra or we all die in the process. No retreat, no surrender-Biafra or Death! IPOB quest for freedom is irreversible until we are all dead or Biafra is restored whichever comes first.
Our focus as ever is to dismantle the Satanic contraption and evil Islamic empire Zoo Nigeria piece by piece in a way that will shock the world using only Truth and superior argument.

We at IPOB boast of the best brains the black race can ever produce regarding intelligence, intellect and originality. IPOB does not copy what others do, rather we invent and develop our unique style be it regarding broadcasting or agitation.
Igbo NIGERIANISTS like Orji Uzor Kalu hiring Yoruba journalists with fake Igbo names to prop up the compromised Uwazuruike faction of massob to wrest the initiative from IPOB is fools because their mission is dead on arrival. Every Biafran knows Uwazuruike is a complete sellout and can't  be taken seriously. They attach themselves to IPOB because that is the only way they can get the credibility of being considered a key player in the quest for Biafra restoration.

Massob never called for or led any protest to free Nnamdi Kanu. They have never looked after any of the families of the bereaved or paid any hospital bills, but they are the first to run to their friends in their media to take the glory.

For their information, the whole world knows IPOB is championing the restoration of Biafra with a zeal and passion unmatched in human history given our limited resources. Our core belief is anchored on two things-ideological and philosophical consistency. These are the two traits lacking in your typical black African man, but we at IPOB have in abundance. There can only be one outcome in this epic fight, and that is that Biafra will come no matter what the enemy does it we would all die. 

Orji Uzor Kalu's newspapers and his hired hands should leave us alone to do the work that Chukwu Okike Abiama has mandated IPOB to do without undue interference.

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  1. This is exactly the fear many have for the new nation of Biafra to come. During the very early stage of massob, there were attentions from countries of the world. There seemed to be great hope for Biafrans, but immediately, the officer of the movement began to fight over offices, and from there, the fetus never made it out of the womb. From there, folks like myself felt the disappointment and prayed Almighty to help the Igbo. Here we are again. When must we think of the bigger picture and pay less attention to the little. Must we always benefit from our charitable works. Is the Biafra project one to enrich individuals or one that addresses oppression of a people, I will let you be the judge.

  2. Everyone of us felt the disappointment from the MASSOP Leader, by God's grace this IPOB formidable and well prepared. IPOB had been tested by events.